For What It’s Worth.. 45.1.. October 15, 2011

I got the post cards mailed.. bought a new batch.. recharged my pre-paid cell phone.. got to Shantidan and said my (until I return) Goodbyes to Kitty and will NOT overnight there at Shantidan..

En route above I went to Sealdah Station and CAN buy a ‘retiring room’ for only 250 Rupees IF THERE ARE OPENINGS.. a ‘retiring room’ is a room AT AND IN THE STATION.. and with the night train leaving at 11:20PM.. it would be neat to have a room IN THE STATION so I do not have to hang out on the platform.. YES.. I could stay in my hotel and pay the full night and get a taxi.. right now I plan to walk to Sealdah with my bags and see IF I can get a ‘retiring room’..

Twenty one years ‘at this’ sure helps.. MOST tourists have NO CLUE about ‘retiring rooms’ .. I DO and have experience..

It will get hectic with me coming into travel mode.. so hang on.. smiles.. cap..

Saturday Night.. 8:11PM Calcutta.. over and out..


This is FWIW .. 45.. published  earlier today ..

Busy day ahead.. today I will mail a batch of post cards.. today I plan to stay the night at Shantidan and in the morning celebrate the Mass with the sisters and with Mrs Kitty Brinnand ..  at some point I will tell her that I am leaving Calcutta for some time but plan to return later..

I also have the usual daily activities but today I need to plot out my strategy for Tuesday.. I leave at 11:20PM .. so I may get a hotel room by the train station.. I may stay at the train station.. or I may just hang out on the platform number 9A and wait it out..  the late night trains are a bit of a struggle.. my  train is the ONLY TRAIN from Sealdah going to Agra Cantt any day of the week .. period..  I could have gone from Howrah but that has its problems also..

I AM LOVING MY HARDWARE STORE.. daily I am there puttering with projects and with their supplies..

OK.. brief but what can I say..

THIS.. I will NOT PLAN to return to India during the months of September and October again.. the heat and humidity are terrible..

MARK IT.. November.. December.. January.. and into February.. are the months to come to India.. in late February it can get hot.. and the sand storms are fearful .. in 1991.. in late February.. I was sleeping under a blanket at night.. got it.. the normal night I NEEDED a blanket over me..

ONE NIGHT back in late February of 1991 I needed a blanket.. THE NEXT NIGHT was so hot I slept in the nude with not even a sheet over me.. and I learned what a sand storm is like.. IT WAS AN INSTANT AND IT WAS A TOTAL WEATHER CHANGE..

gotta run.. much love.. cap..

(In Archy and Mehitabel.. Archy.. the cockroach.. had to jump on the keys of the typewriter to type his poems.. poor little Archy could NOT manage the shift key to type CAPITALS.. so when I do all lower case it is hat’s off to Archy..)