For What It’s Worth.. 48.. October 18, 2011

Since tomorrow will be INTENSE.. I am actually writing this at 10PM my time in Calcutta.. Monday the 17th in the late evening.. so I can FOCUS ON TOMORROW.. when tomorrow dawns..


For details of my trip TODAY.. go back to FWIW..  44..

My mission today is to be ON THE TRAIN AT 23:20 Hours (11:20PM)..

THE FIRST THING I WILL DO IS.. in the morning.. go to go to Sealdah Railway Station and attempt to get a room (they are called retiring rooms).. AT THE STATION.. to have at my disposal to spend time in during the late afternoon and evening until the late night train pulls out.. this will be MUCH BETTER THAN JUST HANGING OUT AT THE STATION and spending several hours at my platform.. with all of my luggage.. just waiting for the train to be pulled into position with a Switch Engine..

BUT.. as they say.. I have BEEN THERE AND I HAVE DONE JUST THAT.. so I know the drill and KNOW I can do it IF necessary..

Getting a room AT THE STATION is.. at best.. very IFFY..

OK.. over and out for now.. I will update this writing during the day as things play out..


See you (in writing here) later.. smiles and love.. cap..