Hosting websites is such an adventure! IT is not for the faint of heart! I just lost the contents of a Post .. All of it .. Gone! Poof! I could call my webmaster Andrej ..

And Magician that Andrej is .. he could work his magic and get the lost Post restored but I will just begin again ..

YES! In spite of the above mishap .. In spite of the bother of starting from scratch again .. I am still so happy that I could explode! How can things get any better? They can’t! The top of the Mountain is The Top Of The Mountain .. one can equal it but not surpass it.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

Once in awhile .. From Time To Time IT happens. And when IT happens .. all of the time and all of the effort that website hosts put into their websites is INSTANTLY VALIDATED!

By the way .. IT just suddenly came to me .. this term IT HAPPENS is prominent at the beginning of THE PHANTOM ..

And RIGHT HERE is where I idly wandered off the trail and into the below woods.


Madam Carlotta Guidicelle uses it with emphasis .. “Well so long as IT happens then THIS THING (meaning Carlotta herself) will not be happening.”


And IF you think that yours truly doesn’t get tired and road weary sitting here at the computer .. GUESS AGAIN!


By the way .. Miu Miu’s mother (below right) snapped the above photo just now.


Do all of you see my Little Red Chinese New Year Cushion that I am now sitting upon in the photo one removed above?


I am practically living my life at this computer! My upper back and shoulder muscles are knotted up so bad that once a week my chiropractor has to unknot them. My right arm and associated body parts is almost numb from the time I am spending here.


BUT just this past week .. my doctor at St. Teresa’s Hospital ..


Gave me the thumbs up to STOP using the medication / ointment that I have been using for the past month because the severe skin condition on my bottom has now healed to his satisfaction! What a hospital St. Teresa’s hospital is!


And deeper into the woods and further and further off the track I am wandering ..

So even though I am healed and cured .. I am going to continue to use the above (and the below) pillow to sit uponOne time around (sitting on a wooden stool to the point that I developed ‘pressure sores’ or ‘bed sores’ upon my ‘sitter’) is enough for me.

I sure LOOK FAT in the below photo taken just yesterday by a fellow staying here at the HOMY INN in Kowloon. Got it .. I had the FAT LENS in my camera. Today (see above) I look trimmer.


NOW I am going to do the Post I lost. The new Post you have already read because I posted it above this Post because I got way off the rails here in this Post and will really start over now.

SMILES .. Cap ..

Patti is always amazed to see me get off the tracks and then find my way back onto the tracks again ..

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