For What It’s Worth.. 54.. October 24, 2011

GODZILLA .. I really needed that phone call..

I telephoned my man ‘Zilla and I left for him a message.. saying that I would get him a Sam’s Club AT&T World Calling Card so he would not have to pay a small fortune to call me..  (thank you Patti for your assistance with this)

And.. he promptly called me back.. our conversation went like this ..

“Hi Cap.. I just missed your phone call by seconds.. I could not find my cell phone ..”

“Did you get my message” ..

“No.. I did not check  my messages”

so far so good ‘Zilla.. with one small glitch.. I thought that I was the only person on earth who could not find his cell phone when ringing ..

“I left you a message about buying you an AT&T World Calling Card at Sam’s Club so you could call me without paying a small fortune for calls here” ..

“Oh I got that message Cap”

(i am thinking to myself.. ‘zilla.. i just left it a few seconds ago.. and here you DID check it and forgot you checked it until i told you what it said)

And here I have been thinking that I am the only one on the planet slowly losing it ..

“Losing what Cap”  /s/ ‘zilla

“My everloving mind

So Jim.. I really needed to hear that I am NOT alone ..


at this point I wrote a long post about India .. and when I published it.. all was lost and gone in spite of the fact I had saved and I had saved and I HAD SAVED the long writing.. so go figure..


over and out for now.. with love.. cap..