For What It’s Worth.. 55.1.. October 25, 2011

oh sigh.. i just lost part of FWIW.. 55.. supposedly I have autosave and it is not functioning ..

So I will start again with this new post ..


Here in India.. not all but most hotels come with breakfast .. in New Delhi .. at the YMCA on Jai Singh Road .. you get a buffet breakfast and it amounts to an all-you-can eat proposition.. very nice.. in Calcutta I had breakfast each day as part of my room cost .. an omelette with toast and jam and butter .. at home I seldom IF ever have eggs.. toast.. jam.. and butter..

Here in Agra Cantt.. at the Pawan Hotel.. one does NOT get breakfast ..

Here is what I eat daily to start my day..  with no liquid.. I eat Special ‘K’ cereal .. it is very coarse and chewy and seems to be more healthy than what we get under the same brand name in the U.S. .. to this I add extra crunchy peanut butter on vegetable crackers .. and drinking plenty of water finish it off with an Indian snack called Kaju .. of course I take my vitamins with breakfast ..

All in all.. I feel that this breakfast is more healthy than the ones I get with a room ..

I am going to publish this and come back with more .. smiles and love.. cap ..