For What It’s Worth.. 65.. November 5, 2011


On recently being sick..

A few posts ago I wrote about my recent bout with being ill and ranked it at most a 2.5 on the zero to ten.. zero being ill but not bad.. ten being really seriously ill .. I suppose I ought to upgrade it a notch.. I did do the following..

Usually .. I lock my hotel room doors with the key and.. from inside the room.. leave the key in the door.. this one move prevents someone from outside the room from using a duplicate key or a master key from entering..  and also I will use the dead bolts .. so no one can get into the room without removing the door..

I was sick enough that I only locked the door with my key and removed my key.. no dead bolt.. what this accomplished was this .. THE HOTEL staff could easily enter my room with their master or duplicate key ..

I figured if I died.. I did not want them the drama of a forced entry..

Well.. IF I am this sick.. it is more than a 2.5 ..

Daily .. off and on throughout the day..  hotel staff turn the door knob to assure the door is locked ..

On sleeping ..

Phenomenal.. over the past 14 days I have averaged 9 hours and 15 minutes a day of sleep.. this includes naps ..

When I was sick.. I slept over 13 hours and 12 hours .. IF I take those days out of the mix.. I am still averaging 8 hours and 40 minutes a day of sleep ..

Today is Saturday.. the day of the week I mail post cards.. so I lay low today writing cards.. I write cards off and on during the week but post them in batches on Saturdays so those who let me know they received a card I will know that at least some cards from that batch got through..

I also rested as I am still tired from the day at the TAJ MAHAL last Thursday and the hassles yesterday at the rail station ..

So we will call this over and out for now.. love.. cap..