For What It’s Worth.. 66.. November 6, 2011

I was up and I was out the door of my Pawan Hotel here in Agra Cantt at 5:08AM (0508 Hrs) this very early morning..

I walked briskly in the early morning dark to the Agra Cantt railway station.. two kilometers.. a mile and a quarter.. to totally check out my train situation for tomorrow morning the 7th of November and my trip up to New Delhi..

I was surprised.. stunned to be honest.. at how much street lamp lighting there was on the walk to the station.. there was only one short stretch where it was pretty dark.. other than that.. very well lit for India especially.. good to know for tomorrow..

It is absolutely vital for me to know all I can know about the train before the day I travel ..

I will be on train number 14211.. the Intercity Express to Lucknow and then to New Delhi.. leaving at 6AM .. arriving at 10:20AM.. a nice four hour train ride..

I am in a cabin.. FIRST CLASS AIR CONDITIONED.. the best you can get in India on a train.. it was First Class A.C. or nothing.. and I am happy with it..

The train has twenty four (24) coaches and its engine.. AND MY COACH is number 21 from the engine..

This translates to a well over one quarter of a MILE to walk .. so I know this and will factor it into my plans for tomorrow morning..

I will be leaving from platform number 5 and this is also vital information to know.. the more I know now the less stress at five o’clock in the morning tomorrow..

Because of what I learned this morning.. I will use a different method to get to my coach.. it is as simple as this.. I will go left and I will NOT GO right when I get to the train platforms.. this knowledge alone will save me probably two tenths of a mile .. by going left instead of right I will save going down the platform to the right.. crossing over and then having to back track to my left because of my coach being 21st from the front..

I met the conductor for my First A.C. coach and I am wired up and good to go ..

ok for this tid-bit.. much joy.. and much love.. cap..