Since Gullible ( http://gullible-gulliblestravels.blogspot.com/  ) has told her reading audience to come here to my website to find out where she is and what she is doing I figured I’d better show you all that she is alive and doing well.
DSCN6561[1]These three photos were taken in Kowloon across Victoria Harbor from Hong Kong as the three of us were enjoying lunch.

DSCN6559[1]Yesterday .. before starting her lunch .. she sampled one drop on the end of a chop stick of the local Chinese hot oil and ended up at a local pharmacy for relief from some stomach related issues.
DSCN6512[1]Actually it was more than the Chinese hot oil but a combination of several factors that caused her tummy to act-up.

O.K. let’s all head North from Hong Kong to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia ..

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Our departure gate was 505 ..

We have pushed away from the gate and are on-our-way North to Mongolia ..DSCN6567[1]

Through the clouds you can see a little bit of Hong Kong below.DSCN6568[1]

I always strike-up-a-little-deal with the flying horse on the wingtip.

Hi Mongolian Flying Horse. Be you a Stud or a Mare .. Let’s all of us aboard have a safe trip today.

The clouds are never quite identical to those on other days.DSCN6575[1]If you really look hard at the very bottom of the next two photos you can see a trace of the dark brown of Mainland China.DSCN6571[1]
DSCN6572[1]China is one immense nation. Far from being a land of only large cities much of China is quite barren. DSCN6576[1]

Lunch time on Mongolian Airlines Flight OM 298 heading North for Ulaanbaatar.

Patti enjoyed Chicken.DSCN6573[1]I enjoyed Beef.
DSCN6574[1]Being a program of honesty .. I also enjoyed some of Patti’s Chicken in addition to my own. I also pan-handled an extra desert from the crew and finished off Gullible’s desert as well (it was swell).

On we go after our great lunch.

SNOW.  We are now over Mongolia.





“Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain speaking. We are now preparing to arrive into Ulaanbaatar Mongolia. Please fasten your seat belts and remain seated for the duration of our flight. Thank You for flying with Mongolian Airlines today. We hope you have enjoyed your flight with us and we hope you have a pleasant evening. The local time in Ulaanbaatar is approximately Five Fifty Five and the local temperature on the ground in Ulaanbaatar is minus seven degrees celsius (19 F).”

“Hot Diggety Dog Mongolian Flying Horse .. We are almost there.”DSCN6595[1]

DSCN3415[2]“Oh Captain! This is a program of honesty here Captain! Tell your readers that the above photo as well as the below photo was taken last July. When we landed October 29th it was pitch black dark outside with snow on the ground! IF you don’t point this out Gullible will ‘ blow the whistle on you Captain ‘ “

 Bless you Changer for being at Chinggis Khaan International Airport waiting for the three of us.

Home Sweet Home here in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.DSCN3438[1]Captain! What are we going to do with you Captain!

The below photos truly show our Home Sweet Home in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.


DSCN3744[1]Looking due West out of our bedroom window.

DSCN6618[1]Panning to the right from the above view.DSCN6617[1]

Thank You So Very Much Happy for opening up your home to me this past several months.DSCN3829[1]

Overflowing With Joy And With Gratitude!

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you .. It will be enough.  Meister Eckhart

Thank You Oh God Of Abraham for my many blessings.

Patti and Cap ..DSCN1716[1]

Stop The Press Captain!  /Signed/ .. The Legion of Gullible Follows ..

What About Our Gullible Captain!

Looking to the left from out of our bedroom window you see the below scene. Wonderful Magnificent Morning here in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.DSCN6619[1]

Now pan DOWN from the above view you see the below full view of the above building in the immediate lower left foreground.

Our BELOVED GULLIBLE is staying in this building. It is the Sunshine Hotel and her room is on the third floor facing our building.DSCN6622[1]

And? .. And? .. And? .. That is That says Baba Kaps!

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