For What It’s Worth.. 89.. December 20, 2011

TID – BITS for you .. as we come to the WINTER SOLSTICE ..

This year the Winter Solstice is on either December 21st OR on December 22nd depending upon your time zone .. in ALASKA this year’s Winter Solstice  is on  December 21st at 8:30 PM (2030 Hours) and in the eastern time zone it is December 22nd at half past 12 mid-night (0030 Hours) and in Greenwich England it is on December 22nd at 5:30 AM (0530  hours) Universal Time ..  courtesy of ..

Some GOA TID-BITS .. relating to sunrise and sunset and high and low tides and temperature ..

December 20th .. Sunrise was 6:55AM (o655 hours) and Sunset will be 6:08PM (1808 hours) ..

In Goa we will have 11 Hrs  12 Min  39 Sec of daylight  .. (daylight hours are very important to ALASKANS in the winter) ..

Tides are .. High (2.1 meters) 5:22AM (0522 hours) .. Low (0.44 m ) 12:39PM (1239 hours) .. High (1.9 m ) 7:54PM (1954 hours) .. Low (1.39 m ) tomorrow at 0:46AM (oo46 hours) ..

TEMPERATURE in Goa..  I have written MANY of you that our daytime temperatures are in the EIGHTIES  (80 F)..

I have been telling Patti on the phone that it is BURNING HOT here at mid-day.. well BURNING HOT does NOT GO WITH temperatures in the 80’s so I went on-line and found out..

Our daytime temperatures are in the LOW NINETIES (90’s F) .. and it feels HOTTER than the low 90’s F ..

TID-BITS about wildlife and how much we do NOT know about other species ..

Back in For What It’s Worth.. 87.. December 13th.. I wrote about assorted wild life focusing in on Piss Ants in my apartment  ..

Well guess what .. I must have hurt their feelings (do Piss Ants have feelings).. who knows?  because they have stopped coming into my apartment .. they have ceased to be in my apartment .. they (for now at least) are GONE ..

WHY.. WHY ? 

Did I actually kill them all.. I DOUBT THIS .. did I kill all of their scouts .. is there some Piss Ant Intelligence IN their nest that has decided something bad is happening in that place (my apartment) and we are NOT going back .. OR.. there is no food there so why bother ..

How do they communicate these ideas .. do they communicate ideas .. how do they decide who is going to be a scout ..

How very little we know ..

TID-BITS .. about my eating .. down in For What It’s Worth..  88.. December 15th .. I wrote about Niklas and Sofi from Sweden and their gifts to me ..

Let’s talk about BUTTER .. well I have finished the butter they gave to me AND there will be NO MORE BUTTER in my life for the near future  ..  BUT their gift of BUTTER to me got me across the bridge to BREAD ..

So what to put on my BREAD .. how about this .. Cirio (Brand) Extra Virgin (from first cold extraction) Italian (since 1856) OLIVE OIL .. wow.. WOW .. it this good on my bread .. BUT mono-saturated olive oil is better health wise than butter (in my and in many other’s opinions) ..

When the .. to-fall-down-and-die-for ..  Mango – Ginger Jam is gone.. THAT TOO is history .. I do NOT do jam usually .. the jam happened when I could not get peanut butter for the bread  ..

They are NOT giving this olive oil away for free.. a  250 ml bottle cost me 255 Rupees or Five Dollars and Eighty Cents .. and this is a cost I am willingly going to accept .. I am going to enjoy this superior olive oil .. to the hilt .. it is WHEW AND  WOWIE good .. fruity and fresh .. it is so good .. on my coarse  mult-grained phenomenal bread ..

TID-BITS about my water .. I continue to purchase Bisleri Brand Bottled Water in twenty (20) litre commercially sized bottles .. for all of my drinking and some rinsing after batheing for a clean feeling on my skin ..

My tap-water is WELL WATER and is quite nice in clarity and total lack of odors and minerals BUT the owner of my apartment (a computer science teacher at  Our Lady Of Mount Carmel School .. see For What It’s Worth .. 81 and 82 .. at .. ) who also lives in my building does NOT drink his own well water but he BOILS  it to sanitize it ..

So what I have been doing for the past five weeks is this .. for all of my other water needs (teeth brushing .. facial washing.. etc) I have been treating ten litre (10 litre) batches of the WELL WATER with 40mg Halazone UPS tablets to sanitize and purify the well water..  I got an empty 20 Litre Bisleri Bottle to mix these ten litre batches of  treated water .. the well water does great washing my clothes .. do you recall the color of the tap water in Agra Cantt ? .. brownish ..

for the longest time .. to get to the blogspot website .. you had to enter the full address ..  especially the http:// part .. now I am just tossing up bobbacaps or babakaps and Google is taking me to the websites ..  lower case OR upper case make no difference .. 

I mean until Jeanne 99631 told me to do this (use http://) I could NOT myself get to my own web site off the internet .. THAT was a bummer .. I had to back in going to and then entering my e-mail address .. so this really pleases me to be getting ‘known’ a little bit better by the search engines ..

Thanks to Andre (my webmaster at I never had trouble getting into the first web site.. he just ‘listed it’ with Google ..

I am going to call this a wrap .. thanks for tagging along with me on these TID-BITS .. much love.. and much joy.. Cap..

MAN ALIVE .. experience IS the best teacher ..