I screamed at the top of my lungs ..

One micro-second later the street car she was about to walk in front of used its emergency horn in an ear-piercing blast that probably was heard for a block away as the operator slammed on his brakes throwing the standing passengers in the street car into each other as they all slammed forward in panic.

Inches from probable death !!

My heart was racing like it was going to come out of my chest. When Patti realized what had just happened she too began semi-cardiac arrest. We two sat down and both of us .. stunned .. silently and verbally thought about what had almost happened.

It took an hour for me to settle down. It brought back to me Patti’s terrible fall earlier this year.

She took another very dangerous fall here in Hong Kong that I did not write about. Her head was literally inches away from hitting a concrete wall. I asked her if she would wear a bicycle safety helmet. She said the would not.

I called Patti from a medical supply store two days ago pleading with Patti to let me purchase a wheel chair for her. I said .. “Will you refuse to use it?” .. “Yes!” was her reply.

What to say .. What to do .. I am really concerned ..

Cap ..


11 thoughts on “NOV 26, 15 .. MY HEART STOPPED BEATING ..

    1. cap chastain

      I think that I will do a post showing in detail what exactly happened here. I could see IN FRONT OF ME Patti lying dead in a pool of blood on the cold pavement of the street. Horrible HORRIBLE feeling of helplessness. Still stunned .. Cap ..

  1. Karolynn

    Cap, you did write about Patti falling and almost hitting her head on the concrete wall. I told the other gals about it in an email after reading your blog about it. But you didn’t say why Patti fell. Some of us are getting concerned also. Patti please reconsider the wheelchair. You used one in the past and didn’t seem to have a problem with it. And did you figure out why you almost walked out in front of the bus/trolley? Were you talking and not paying attention? In a place where there are so many people a greater attention is needed, which you already know. So I am wondering why that happened. We at home are concerned about you. Please give the wheelchair another consideration. Love, KC

    1. Jeanne Follett

      Karolynn, Patti fell earlier this year outside Providence Hospital in Anchorage when she missed a curb. She landed on her hand and face, leaving pretty awesome bruises and scraps.

      She fell again in Hong Kong, and, as Cap wrote, almost hit her head on a concrete wall.

      I questioned her about both falls, asking if she could think of anything that was common to both falls. Her reply was, “Well, I was wearing my Birkenstock sandals both times.” If you know BIrkenstocks, the lower heel can result in tenuous footing for some people. She has abandoned the Birkenstocks and now wears sneakers for high top sneakers for better footing.

      Let’s hope that simple change puts an end to the falls.

      Jeanne aka Gullible

          1. Jeanne Follett

            As for the wheel chair, I’m with Patti. She needs to continue to move about and walk as much as she is able, more than she does now, or she will become wheelchair bound.

  2. Patti

    Because the traffic moves on the opposite side than in the states, I have become used to looking in EVERY direction before crossing a street here in Hong Kong. I do not know what happened in my stepping into the road and almost in front of a moving tram. I was lucky to survive that one. Scary. The wheelchair is not an option for me right now. I DO need the exercise and I do not want the additional hassle of schlepping a wheelchair on and off buses, trams, ferries, subways, escalators, elevators, etc. Right, I have put the Birkenstocks away and am wearing sneakers of high hiking/walking shoes, both firmly laced up. THANKS FOR EVERYONE’S CONCERN. Patti

  3. Karolynn

    Well, I am happy to hear that Patti has changed from Birkenstocks to sneakers. I cannot wear Birkenstocks if I am going to be walking for any distance. I have special walking shoes (look like leather sneakers). I, too, have tripped and fell with Birkenstocks on (in my own house coming into the house from the garage. My Birkenstocks caught the top step and I flew into the kitchen). I have to be more careful when I wear them now.

  4. Erin

    I love you Patti, and am so so happy you are ok! My heart stopped reading this. So happy your beautiful one is still beating! Maybe just perhaps a BIG reminder from God, that you are great at being present in the moment and so serene that you almost forgot how crazy the rest of the world and busy roads and on a tight schedule trams can be! xoxox look forward to hearing from you soon!

  5. Shaddy Peters

    That was a frighteningly close call, for sure. God was looking out for both of you. Praise the Lord that you have chances to make adjustments that will prevent such accidents from happening in the future.

    We do all care about both of you and want only the best in your futures.

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