For What It’s Worth.. 90.. December 20, 2011

TOMORROW .. Wednesday the 21st.. I am planning to do a lot ..

I need to finalize my strategy for my departure on January the 4th to New Delhi .. right now I am ticketed to leave from the Margao Main Railway Station ..

To do this I must get to Margao  .. (captain you amaze us with such a statement.. IF you are leaving from Margao.. of course you need to get to Margao to leave !) ..

My train ticket from Margao to New Delhi is costing me 1,212 Rupees ..

The TAXI fare from Arambol Beach down to Margao costs 1,200 Rupees .. I can NOT connect the dots with local buses to get there on time the morning of January the 4th .. so I need another way to do this ..

So the cost of the TAXI equals the cost of an overnight train to New Delhi .. which includes meals and a bed for the 30 Hour  journey..

This is unacceptable to me ..

Near Arambol is another town named Pernem (pronounced as ‘Pair’ nem) ..

.. (see For What It’s Worth..  77.. November 25.. for a discussion including Pernem) ..

I have learned that ‘some’ trains stop in Pernem on their way north leaving Goa  .. NOT all but some stop in Pernem ..

A bus from Arambol to Pernem costs TEN Rupees (10 Rupees) .. TEN Rupees is a LOT LESS EXPENSIVE THAN Twelve Hundred Rupees (1,200 Rupees) !

I have learned (let me translate that.. I have ‘HEARD’ from a local man.. my apartment building owner .. the school teacher .. a very credible human being in all aspects .. that ..)  the train heading north from Margao and passing through Pernem arrives into Pernem at 12:20 noontime .. mid-day.. this would figure since my train leaves Margao at 11:20AM .. one hour north to Pernem is just the right timing so these dots line up well ..

He also told me that two buses go from Arambol to Pernem in the mornings.. one leaves at 9:30AM and one leaves at 10:30AM.. BOTH would get me to Pernem by 12:20 noontime .. at most it is a 30 minute to a 45 minute bus ride ..

So tomorrow I plan to ride the local bus leaving Arambol at 9:30AM and ride it to Pernem .. then I will find the railway station in Pernem .. I will then wait until 12:20 noontime and see the Wednesday train coming north from Margao .. just to positively  confirm it stops in Pernem .. and find the location on the train of the coach I am assigned to .. coach A1 .. and CONFIRM it is the train (Train Number 12449) that I am ticketed on for January 4th .. and its name .. GOA SMPRK  K EXP .. CONFIRM ALL THE DOTS MATCH ..

My building owner looked at my ticket and said YES.. the train that I am ticketed on stops in Pernem .. the Rajdahni does NOT .. and I am NOT booked on the Rajdhani going north to New Delhi .. so I am in luck .. I think ..

BUT I WANT TO CONFIRM THIS .. to see .. with my own eyes .. the name of  the train and its number and the location of the railway station in Pernem ..

Then IF all the dots align and all the dots connect.. I plan ..

To go south to Panjim (Panaji) or to Margao AND BE POSITIVE that I can board this train at Pernem with my ticket .. OR.. get a new or updated ticket .. the Indian Railways can NOT read my mind .. so I want them on board with my idea to catch my train at Pernem ..

Sometimes you MUST BOARD at the station you are ticked to board at OR YOU LOSE THE RESERVATION ..

I may take a back pack ready to stay overnight down in southern Goa in case I need to do so..

OR..  I may confirm all of the above and then return from Pernem to Arambol and on Thursday.. go south to Panjim or Margao early in the cool morning rested and fresh from a good nights sleep ..and do business ..

So stay tuned for what actually happens tomorrow .. much joy.. and much love.. cap..