This writing builds upon FWIW.. 90 and 91 .. you may want to read them before you read this ..

When I finished writing FWIW..  91.. last night.. I had pretty much decided not to go south to Panjim today to do the final step in executing my plan to leave Goa from Pernem and not Margao ..

When I woke up this morning.. I visited with Patti and decided to sleep in and not to go to Panjim .. at least not today ..

I slept until 9AM and awoke energized .. my last major trip south was on December 6th when .. at 10:30AM .. a totally empty bus came into Arambol Village and I had my choice of seats in the empty bus ..

So this morning I thought to myself .. maybe every day a bus begins its day coming into Arambol Village empty .. I think I will check this out ..

I got up to the bus stand at 10:20AM and there was a small crowd waiting .. so far so good .. I then waited until 10:40AM and still no bus empty or full .. and the crowd was getting larger ..

By now I had decided I definately was going to Panjim .. so I walked about a kilometer north .. into the direction the bus would be coming ..  so I could board the bus well before it got to the waiting crowd in Arambol Village .. hoping that someone would get off in Arambol Village and I might get a seat ..

Sure enough .. here came a bus .. standing room only.. but on I hopped .. when we got to Arambol Village an elderly man in the rear of the bus got up to get off the bus and bam .. I had a seat for the ride to Mapusa ..

I got into Mapusa about noon.. got a bus to Panjim and got into Panjim around 12:30PM ..

Now I had to find the Indian Railway computerized booking office .. 

It was immediately adjacent to the Panjim Main Bus terminus .. I found the office on the second floor and in I went .. within five (5) minutes I was finished .. done .. set to board my train on January 4th in Pernem .. 

I called Patti (it had only been about ten minutes since I had told her I was in Panjim and I was off to find the railway booking office) and said .. “Are you sitting down ?” .. she said .. “Yes” and I said .. “I am finished and done !” .. 

Patti ‘hooted’ and I was on a bus back north to Mapusa within ten more minutes .. out of Panjim and into Mapusa .. I got onto an empty bus for Arambol Village .. picked a seat I liked .. and by 2:30PM I was back in my apartment in Arambol Beach ..

When I am hot .. I am hot .. so I am totally set on my departure for New Delhi on Wednesday.. January the 4th.. leaving from Pernem and not Margao ..

Again.. you will want to read FWIW.. 90 and 91 IF this makes no sense to you..

Smiles and over and out for today .. much love .. cap..