FWIW.. 94.. Christmas Day.. Dec 25, 2011

This is too funny .. I began to write ..   FWIW..  93.. Christmas Day .. Dec 25, 2011 ..  (which I have now completed) .. and I began it exactly as you read below  .. then I decided that NO .. I do NOT want to start .. FWIW..  93.. Christmas Day .. Dec 25, 2011 .. as you see below I had started it .. so I did a right click copy and paste  and moved it intact here .. NOW I will go back and write .. FWIW.. 93 .. on a clean slate .. but I wanted to show the ONE of you who needs to see .. this is a process ..




For MANY  of you .. it is still Christmas Eve ..  December the 24th .. or it is 2AM or 3AM in the morning on Christmas Day ..

I remain in Arambol Beach, in Goa, on the West Coast of India, about three hundred and sixty some miles south down the west coast from Mumbai (Bombay) ..

I have Julia Cameron here beside me and inside of my head (Julia Cameron wrote the book .. ‘The Right to Write’ .. and I have thanked Brad 49855 MANY times for his recommendation of her book.. BUT.. THANKS AGAIN Brad @ 339 ) ..

Julia .. in her book .. advanced  a powerful writing concept that goes as follows .. (and I am paraphrasing NOT quoting her) ..

It is the act of writing that calls forth ideas .. I wish I had her exact words ..

The gist is .. and it may be most applicable when you think you want to write but can not get started .. you do NOT sit around thinking and planning what you want to write .. you just begin writing ..it is THE ACT OF WRITING that calls forth ideas .. just DO IT (so sayeth Nike) ..

Well having done this .. I am now set to begin to write ..


and  at the above point I did the copy and paste .. and here you are .. now you can go down and read the writing .. I just did not want to muck up the writing with the above ‘getting warmed up’ .. and I share this gyration with you because ONE  of you may get something out of how to get started .. to get started .. you start ..

Back in 1990 – 1991 .. during my first trip to India .. Doug 89403 commented .. “Don’t write about writing about India.. write about India” .. Danny 48073 (because of seeing my ‘process’) was able to finish his Master’s Thesis .. so go figure ..