Patti My Valentine and I went to the Park Hotel near the YMCA here on Jai Singh Road in New Delhi and enjoyed a very nice VALENTINE’S DAY dinner of a Caesar Salad with Chicken and Bacon and Tandoori Chicken. Our dinner was a few hours in the enjoying as we just relaxed and watched the creme-de-la-creme of some Indian Society enjoy their doings out on a very nice patio in front of us.

Our dinner-for-two cost us US $ 31.05 (Indian Rupees 2,016) and was a bit of a splurge for us. THEIR doings on the patio outside of us cost them US $ 69.23 (Indian Rupees 4,500) per each individual person so Patti and I got-off-light as to costs. We estimated their party numbered about forty (40) people so someone footed-quite-a-bill. They all had fun and we enjoyed their doings immensely.

Behind the two of us was a Park Hotel Buffet Dinner. We asked about that buffet and were told that for-only US $ 28.45 (Indian Rupees 1,850) per person we too could enjoy unlimited eating. I told Patti (prior to asking the cost) that I estimated the cost to be about US $ 12.23 (Indian Rupees 795). Patti said words to the effect of “NO WAY.” She went on to explain that in the deluxe hotel in Pondicherry I paid US $ 13.07 (Indian Rupees 850) and a deluxe hotel here in India’s Capital City would cost much more than in Pondi. Patti was right-on but even she did not think it would be quite so expensive.

“And why Captain were you interested in the Park Hotel Buffet after you and Patti had already enjoyed your lovely Valentine’s Day Dinner?”

“The deserts on the Park Hotel Buffet were the best I have ever seen on any buffet any place in this world. For Indian Rupees 795 (US $ 12.23) I figured only four deserts would pay-for-that-buffet and I would chow-down on about ten deserts.”

“NOT for US $ 28.45 would I do this however.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Back now to real life.

She Pregnant Woman thinks to herself:

“WHY OH WHY am I having another baby. Bam-Bam Thank You Ma’am and he is finished. I am left with 9 months of issues and then the birthing process and another little creature to raise with all of that basket of issues.”

Cap in India thinks to himself:

“KNOWING what is coming .. WHY OH WHY do I keep coming back to India?”

YES! Both Patti and I are sick again with another bout of Diarrhoea.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Back again to real life.

Yesterday (Lord it seems like a light-year-ago) Saturday the 13th we got out of the Pawan Hotel on time at 8PM and were at the Agra Cantt Railway station by 8:15PM for our 9:15PM train North to New Delhi.

The train was about 30-minutes late. What else is new about India Captain? On we boarded and our coach was loaded-to-the-gills with military personnel and all of their military back packs in the overhead luggage racks (the only place to put our luggage). Luckily I had hired a porter to assist us and he found several places in the car to squeeze in four pieces of our luggage. Patti held my backpack on her lap. Patti held my backpack because I needed my hands to be free to eat two dinners that we had coming to us on the premier train The Shatabdi Express we were on.

Almost a heart attack. I nearly lost the entire post to this point but I did NOT. Whew! I get to live another day it looks like.

Into New Delhi we rolled just before 12PM midnight. The military guys helped get our luggage down from the overhead luggage racks and off the train we went.

Oh trust me .. I make this sound so easy! It is a herculean effort what I just wrote: The military guys helped get our luggage down from the overhead luggage racks and off the train we went.

Another vast under statement follows: vast under statement .. “We found the best Auto Rickshaw in all of New Delhi who took us to the New Delhi YMCA.

YES! We two had to coach him on how to find the YMCA but into our room we rolled about 1 O’Clock in the dark AM this very morning. Both of us sick with diarrhoea.

Until we threw ourselves out-of-bed about 5:30PM this afternoon to go enjoy VALENTINE’S DAY 2016 we two basically spent the day in bed sleeping and recovering.

She Pregnant Woman thinks and Cap back in India think : WHY OH WHY (another baby .. another tip to India) ..



This is dated Sunday the 14th and I am actually writing it Monday the 15th ..


I am back-on-my-feet and going strong ..

She Pregnant Woman and Cap in India both have the worst memories in the entire world.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Today’s US $ 64,000 question: How much of this mess is my censor Patti going to approve. I sat down here and decided to ‘just-let-it-rip’!


Cap and Patti ..

I can dress him up but taking Cap out is another matter .. I left this post basically untouched .. /s/ Patti

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