JAN 1, 12 .. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

NEW YEAR’S DAY  .. Sunday .. January 1st ..  2012  .. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012  TO ALL OF YOU WHO ARE READING ALONG HERE ..  as I wrote in FWIW..  96.. I began my New Year 2012 late last night by attending the midnight Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church here in Arambol .. I have written extensively about the church and shown you many photographs of it at .. http://bobbacaps.blogspot.com .. and having attended a routine morning Mass on Sunday.. December 4, 2011 .. see FWIW.. 86.. at which I estimated there were at least five hundred (500) people and pretty much a full house .. a week ago I expected Christmas Midnight Mass to be more than a full house ..so I WENT EARLY .. and it was a full house ..

I did NOT have a clue about New Year’s Eve Mass .. but like Christmas Eve.. New Year’s Eve Mass was a FULL HOUSE also .. packed .. outside the church parishioners were  looking in.. what support for their church.. it touches me so much .. 

The Mass was scheduled to begin at 11:30PM .. unlike last week when I got to the church at 10:45PM .. I took it easier New Year’s Eve and I was in the church at 11:11PM ..  my favorite seat .. third row from the front was occupied so I just sat in the fourth row  on the center aisle on the right side of the church .. these folks are prompt if nothing else ..  Mass began at 11:26PM early .. exactly like on Christmas Eve .. the New Year’s Eve Mass  was divided in two sessions .. just like last week .. I heard about twenty words I could understand .. the first session was very informal .. the three priests were dressed all-in-white and conducted a power point show of year 2011 world wide events of interest / importance (the Japanese Tsunami .. etc..)  .. shown on a screen in front ..  .. At 12 Midnight .. there was a seamless break and then the priests reappeared .. in a procession .. slowly walking down the center aisle of the church .. IN GOLD AND RED very formally decorated and ceremonial appearing High Church vestments .. TO CELEBRATE THE MASS .. to be honest .. for me .. the UMP-H-H of Christmas Eve Mass was missing ..

The routine was also slightly different .. this was no carbon copy of Christmas Eve Mass .. young people participated in the Mass .. going to the altar and showing signs (in Goan which I haven’t a clue as to what they said) .. then burning the signs in a fire ring IN THE FRONT OF THE CHURCH .. YES.. IT WAS SMOKY .. YES IT WAS VERY SMOKY .. 

I am really happy I attended the Mass.. it was my third Mass at the church .. one for the FATHER .. one for the SON .. one for the HOLY SPIRIT .. it balanced out nicely for me .. 

After the Mass ..  which lasted until 1:15AM .. ten minutes shorter than Christmas Eve Mass .. again there were refreshments .. I called Patti on my cell phone and Patti .. as she could last week .. could clearly hear the joy .. It is so VERY SPECIAL to be celebrating the Christmas season here in Christian Goa when the FOCUS seems to be focused upon the religious aspect of the day (Christmas) and the solemn ushering in of a New Year .. some noise (fire crackers) NOT much ..