January 5th .. 2012 .. I arrived safely into New Delhi at 5:30PM today the 5th of January ..

The train trip up from Goa was just great .. I shared a cabin with three others .. a young lady from Israel .. and two young men from India .. a university student (Mechanical Engineering) and a man I hope to get to know better over the years .. Sanjiv ..

Sanjiv is in the Indian armed services and we had much to talk about .. I hope to assist him in setting up his own web site .. he has already seen my two web sites and wants to read them during some time off coming up ..

Leaving Goa was a real tug .. but all went well .. with one small glitch .. in Arambol Beach the local bus driver would not allow me to board the bus with my luggage .. SO.. I just caught an auto ricksha over to Perem and  that was that .. I beat the bus by half an hour ..

My train was about an hour and a half late into Pernem .. due at 12:20PM on Wednesday the 4th (yesterday) it arrived into Pernem about 1:45PM .. we got into New Delhi only 30 minutes late .. so the train made up a full hour of the late start ..

Sanjiv came with me to the YMCA (where I now am writing this) .. I checked in .. and together we went by bus to the New Delhi Railway Station where I booked a train at 6:00AM tomorrow morning for Agra Cantt ..

Sanjiv then headed for the Old New Delhi Railway Station and I came back to the YMCA for dinner and this quick post to the web site here ..

I plan (read I have purchased and been issued train tickets) as follows:

Tuesday .. January 10th .. 

  8:15AM  ..  Leave Agra Cantt by train for New Delhi

11:30AM ..  Due into New Delhi

 5:00PM .. Leave by train for Calcutta 

Wednesday.. January 11th ..

10:00AM  ..  Due into Calcutta

SO I GOT A LOT DONE between arriving into New Delhi at 5:30PM and wrapping up the reservations at the New Delhi Main Train Station at just before 8PM.. and then dinner and this quick post ..

I plan to meet with one of  Mrs Brinnand’s closest associates  in Calcutta .. please refer back to FWIW..  83.. December 6, 2011 ..

Then I plan to go south to Puri .. in the Indian state of Orissa  from Calcutta ..

Stay tuned .. Smiles and Love.. Cap ..