JAN 9, 12 .. NEW DELHI

Monday.. the 9th of January ..

Until this morning .. I had been planning to go to CALCUTTA .. leaving tomorrow the 10th at 5PM  and arriving on Wednesday the 11th ..

This was no pie-in-the-sky trip .. I was ticketed and set to go .. my reason for going to Calcutta was 100% focused on assisting Mrs Brinnand’s family with some issues in Calcutta .. these issues have been settled and so I have cancelled my ticket and received a refund of my train fare to Calcutta ..

There now is a good chance that .. in this lifetime .. I shall not visit Calcutta again .. UNLESS ..  new issues arise there with Mrs Brinnand’s family and I can be of  some assistance ..

Tentatively .. I now plan to schedule a trip from New Delhi South and East to Puri .. Orissa .. a place in India near and dear to my heart .. I have not been to Puri in over ten and a half years and I long to visit Puri once again ..

OK .. over and out for now.. I need to get on with the getting-on of getting out of  Agra Cantt in the morning .. my train due out at 8:23AM .. today it was over two and one half hours LATE .. so who knows .. smiles .. cap ..