I left Arambol Beach in Goa on last Wednesday .. January the 4th.. and I arrived into New Delhi on Thursday .. January the 5th .. and came to the YMCA here in New Delhi .. did a post ..  and crashed exhausted into bed .. 

Then .. at 4AM or so .. on a very early and dark Friday morning .. January the 6th .. I was back up to walk to the New Delhi Railway Station and catch my train to Agra Cantt ..

Now you have to know I was not quite a full 100% .. 

The absolute last thing I did before I walked to the elevator with my bags .. is that I went to the restroom .. and took with me a special .. near and dear-to-me .. vintage green tupperware 16 0z tumbler with its tupperwear seal and a small bottle inside of the tumbler .. and a small wash cloth .. also an old friend of many years and many trips to India .. all of them bobbseys !

And I left the restroom and went and caught my train and off to Agra Cantt (after a long wait .. see FWIW.. 101 .. January 8th .. of an hour and fifty minutes) .. we all went .. bobba and the traveling bobbseys ..

Sometime during the day.. last Friday the 6th.. having arrived and settled into my Pawan Hotel in Agra Cantt .. I went looking for my green tupperware tumbler and the small bottle and the wash cloth .. 

ALL .. missing .. all gone ..

And I was .. I mean .. I WAS BUMMED OUT .. so much so that I did not even write about .. losing yet more bobbseys that are dear to me because of my own ineptness .. 

As you all know.. this keeps happening to me ..

Someone famous wrote .. NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP ! .. I wish I had the quote ..

So here I am .. Wednesday morning .. January the 11th.. I have a train to catch tonight at 10:30PM .. and I decided ..

“I will take a little half hour walk over to the YMCA on Jai Singh Road and ask about my missing bobbseys ..”

Now you have to know that .. after twenty one years of staying here .. I am known .. in fact regarding the YMCA  the management I knew  most of them years ago when they were all still  ‘pups’ .. one dining hall manager was a dish washer back then ..

So in to the front desk I walked .. saw the day manager .. who I have known as I just wrote for over twenty one years .. and I quietly asked him .. “Does the housekeeping department have a lost and found department ?” 

He said .. “What did you lose ?” .. and I described to him what I had lost .. “a green plastic glass with a bottle inside and a wash cloth ..” ..

Oddly .. he held up his two forefingers and .. holding them apart to indicate a dimension .. say about six inches from each other .. he said .. “I will check” ..

And I walked into the compter internet cafe here to do a post .. (coming up as FWIW..  105..) ..


He had noticed them sitting in the restroom near to room 463 as recently as last night and had made a mental note of them .. 

Sitting .. UNTOUCHED .. for five and one half  (5 1/2) DAYS .. in the mixed (boys and girls) restroom .. 


So here they sit beside me .. happy to be back with the team .. oh yes indeed .. I have photographed  them and put them up on .. http://bobbacaps.blogspot.com .. FWIW.. 139.. January 11, 2012 ..

Oh yes .. here it comes.. and you ask me .. Cap .. again .. tell us .. what is it you love about India ?

over and out ..

I will now go pen FWIW.. 105.. much love.. cap ..

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