JAN 11, 12 .. NEW DELHI

Wednesday morning January 11th 2012 .. 11:05AM .. New Delhi .. India.. 

At my time .. 10:30PM (2230 Hours) this evening .. I will catch a train (the Tamil Nadu Express .. train number 12622..) for a two over-night ride south to Chennai .. in the extreme Southeast of India .. on the Bay of Bengal .. due to arrive at 7:15AM this Friday .. the 13th ..

This information you all know IF you have been following this web site ..

Here is new information ..

Leave Chennai  ..  Sunday the 22nd of January .. FOR ..  PURI .. Orissa ..

Leave Puri.. Orissa.. Monday the 13th of February for Agra Cantt .. due in Wednesday the 15th of February ..

Leave Agra Cantt .. Sunday the 19th of February for New Delhi ..

Leave New Delhi .. Wednesday the 22nd of February for Hong Kong .. China ..

Leave Hong Kong ..  Wednesday.. the 29th of February for San Francisco ..

most of the above is .. taa-daa .. subject to some change ..

smiles .. cap..