Once in awhile .. it happens .. I get something that is important to me  .. ‘JUST RIGHT ‘ ..

As most of you know.. I spend hours at a computer updating the two web sites .. the photos especially gobble-up-time .. 

Here in Pondicherry .. the main-man (he is not the owner .. I have met the owner.. but my-man has been with the owner for seven (7) years..) .. has been so good to me .. his name is .. Thangavelu .. it means ‘fish’ according to him .. I asked .. he lets me use his .. best-in-the-place .. personal computer .. with the super large screen and most up-to-date software ..

In a phrase .. he really treats me extremely well ..

In a phrase .. I owe him ..

Monday .. out-of-the-blue ..  he hit me with the following .. “Sir .. you owe me 100 Rupees .. you left Friday without paying for two and one half hours of computer usage ..”

You all know the workings of our minds .. in nano-seconds we seem capable of running  tens of thousand of thoughts ..

Here were some of mine .. I always pay at the end of my sessions .. Thangavelu as a responsible manager makes sure we all pay when we leave .. the entrance and the exit are engineered to prevent people from ‘skipping out’ .. he is very precise with our times .. everyone is logged in on his time sheets .. why didn’t he say something before now three days later .. etc etc etc .. and I .. all without blinking .. came up with this conclusion ..

I represent something here .. I represent all senior citizens .. I represent all Americans .. I represent myself .. maybe some backpacker skipped out without paying and he has to make up for the lost time and figures I can afford to help him ..  

We are talking about TWO American dollars .. for TWO  dollars .. why risk annoying  Thangavelu and destroying our good will .. PAY HIM THE ONE HUNDRED RUPEES and do it now .. with NO discussion ..  and do it with a smile ..

and ?  ..

I DID JUST THAT .. with a smile I said .. “Sure Thangavelu” .. and with absolutely no further discussion .. “Here is one hundred Rupees” ..

In a phrase .. To Feel Good .. DO Good ..

good lord captain .. that was a no-brainer.. what is the big deal here .. ‘mind’ and ‘committee’ .. just shut up .. smiles .. cap ..