For What It’s Worth.. 118.. February 17, 2012

This is for Patti 99501 .. but you all can read along ..

Do any of you ever get a ‘song in your head’ and it just keeps going around and around ..

When I was in elementary school .. about the third or fourth grade I am guessing .. I was walking in the hallway and a class a year or two ahead of me was singing a song in their room and I could hear it as I walked past the door to their classroom  .. to this day I can hear it and remember it .. the song just enchanted me .. and I still love it !

Here are a few lines from it ..

Froggie went a – courtin’ and he did ride .. a – hah ..

Froggie went a – courtin’ and he did ride .. a – hah ..

Froggie went a – courtin’ and he did ride ..  sword and  pistol by his side .. a – hah ..

and it continues ..

He rode up to Miss Mousie’s door .. where he had often been before .. a – hah ..

He said Miss Mousie are you within .. yes kind Sir I sit and spin .. a – hah ..

He took Miss Mousie upon his knee .. said Miss Mousie will you marry me .. a – hah ..

When I was in Chennai in my Air Conditioned Dormitory Cubicle waiting for my train North to Agra Cantt last Sunday .. the 12th of February .. I was sitting on the edge of my bed when ..

Wonder of wonders .. the cutest small grey MOUSE walked confidently past my right foot and explored some crumbs I had dropped on the floor from a cookie .. satisfied he (or she) had gotten them all .. he (or she) quietly retreated back under my bed !

That instantly took me back to  1996 .. when Patti and I were staying in the YMCA in Calcutta .. and the same thing happened there TO Patti .. she was sitting at a desk against a wall when a mouse (or two I think) walked calmly past her feet .. 

Patti .. as I recall .. was NOT TOO PLEASED with her mouse encounter ..

And so there you have it .. it all took me to .. Froggie Went A – Courtin’  and He Did Ride .. A – Hah ! ..

Of course all of the above ‘dots’ were connected in less than a nano-second ! .. you all know how fast our minds work !

And aren’t we all having fun here in India !