FEB 28 / 29, 12 .. LEAVING HONG KONG

Well .. like I love to quote .. “The time has come the walrus said .. to talk of many things .. of shoes and ships and sealing wax .. of cabbages and Kings .. of why the sea is boiling hot and whether Pigs have wings ..”  .. Lewis Carroll ..

THE TIME HAS COME TO SIGN OFF for this trip .. I left San Francisco last August 30th 2011 .. and in a few hours (tomorrow morning February the 29th 2012) I will board the flight back  from Hong Kong to San Francisco .. arriving TODAY .. February 28th .. isn’t that something ..  I leave February the 29th and I arrive THE DAY BEFORE .. February 28th ..

OH YES .. IF the spirit moves me .. I may do some more writing about the trip .. I have a lot of things I would like to share with you ..


1.   In Agra Cantt .. when I went to an ATM and withdrew money .. except NO money came out of the ATM .. there was NO local bank associated with the ATM .. it was a stand-alone ATM .. SO with Patti’s assistance .. I had to contact my bank in the States .. it all got worked out .. BUT it was upsetting at the time ..

2.  In Agra Cantt .. when I again went to a TOTALLY DIFFERENT  ATM and again withdrew money .. this time Ten Thousand Indian Rupees CAME OUT .. then the machine WITHDREW all of my cash back inside of it (the darned thing took back my money) and there I was.. this ATM was inside of a bank .. so I asked the bank about it .. they BLEW-ME-OFF saying to me .. “Oh that happens all the time .. CONTACT YOUR bank !” .. I could have killed them .. I did NOT do so ..

So again .. with  Patti’s assistance .. I had to contact my bank in the States and I think it will all come out OK ..

3.  Not even Patti knows this last one .. FAR AND AWAY MY MOST UPSETTING EPISODE OF THE ENTIRE TRIP ..
DSCN8887[1]LORD .. THIS TOO WAS AGAIN .. IN AGRA CANTT  ! .. I was ready to go to New Delhi and then to Goa last November 2011 ..

It was Five O’Clock in the early morning dark .. my train was scheduled to depart at Six O’Clock in the early morning dark .. I was packed and I was ready to walk out of my hotel room at the Pawan Hotel .. GOT IT .. I was READY TO WALK OUT OF MY HOTEL ROOM .. I was going on a long trip to New Delhi and then to Goa .. I WAS REVVED UP !

So I checked for my Passport and I checked for my Train Ticket .. which I always keep in my Passport ..


I have one hour to catch my train .. I am packed and I am ready to walk out of my room .. and SUDDENLY I DISCOVER I HAVE NO PASSPORT AND I HAVE NO TRAIN TICKET ..

I MEAN INSTANT ..  NOT PANIC .. I did think quietly to myself .. “This is NOT  the-end-of-the- world as I know it” .. but instant upset ! .. I went ‘numb’ .. and I began to think it out ..

It took five or so minutes before I again took out the wallet that they both are kept inside of .. it is actually a small zipper pouch .. black in color .. and methodically I emptied it OUT .. and .. there .. INSIDE of the zipper pouch .. where they belonged .. both were !

I had just missed them when I went for them the first time .. I also have other critical items inside of this zipper pouch ..


OK .. I will now write a final post .. over and out for now .. cap ..