August 8th, 2011 .. I received the calling to go on this trip .. See FWIW..  1..  August 16, 2011 ..

August 22nd, 2011 .. I left the greater Detroit Michigan ‘Metro Area’ to fly to Tampa in Florida in the Southern United States of  America ..

August 26th, 2011 .. I flew from Tampa to San Francisco in California ..

August 30th, 2011 .. I flew from San Francisco to Hong Kong in the SAR of China ..

September 7, 2011 .. I flew out of Hong Kong and I ‘touched down’ in Delhi in India .. THE HEART OF THE TIP WAS ‘ON’ !

February 22nd, 2012 .. I left Delhi bound for Hong Kong ..

February 29th, 2012 .. I left Hong Kong bound for San Francisco ..

March 12th, 2012 .. with a ‘side trip’ sandwiched in between San Francisco and Detroit .. to see ‘Zilla and Kleiner Baer in 92307 .. I ‘touched down’ in Detroit in Michigan in the central United States of America .. RIGHT ON TIME at 3:20PM .. Brian picked me up at Detroit Metro RIGHT ON TIME .. we stopped in McDonald’s and enjoyed a nice visit (I had my St. Patrick’s McDonald’s Shamrock Green Milk Shake .. my fourth or my fifth in the past three days !) ..

It is now Tuesday Afternoon .. March 13th .. in Royal Oak in Michigan .. I am in the Royal Oak Public Library .. and I am posting this to wrap things up ‘for now’ .. I very well may revisit the trip but I wanted to do this short ‘wrap up’ to fully complete the thread of the trip ..

I am ‘one tok past full exhaustion’ ! .. I got into the home in which I was taken to from Birth in September of 1936 .. about 5:30PM .. and wrote Danny a short note saying “I have gone to bed” .. Danny is staying with me and IF you will go back to FWIW..  5.. August 27, 2011 .. you will see  who Danny is ..

As I crawled into bed .. my heart hurt so bad I thought I was having a heart attack ..  I slept ‘awhile’ and then awoke with a ‘start ‘ realizing I had to call my auto insurance company to get my GMC Suburban insured so I can drive him being fully ‘covered’ .. I did this and made a few more necessary (and some fun) telephone calls to Patti and others .. and then went back to sleep .. when I awoke about 1AM ‘for air’ my heart felt fine .. I was probably ‘hyper-ventilating’ earlier .. something I do and KNOW the symptoms .. let me tell you .. it is ‘scary’ .. to ‘hyper-ventilate’ .. you REALLY have the heart-attack symptoms big-time ..

Today I slept late .. I was basically ‘in bed’ for about fifteen (15) hours .. I felt like a ‘walking zombie’ .. dis-oriented .. bumping into things .. CONCENTRATING ON NOT FALLING DOWN THE STAIRS .. I have four (4) flights of stairs in my little house ..

BUT I did what I had to do .. NOW I am finally ‘sort-of’ feeling better .. I have to FIGHT MY WAY through the re-adjustment process when I come back from these long trips out-of-the country .. I have yet another ‘jet lag’ to face .. 10AM is 7AM in California .. where I just flew in from .. no wonder I felt like sleeping some more .. PLUS the extra hour we all lost to ‘day-light savings time’ .. Yesterday Morning I was up at 2AM with Jim to catch the plane at 6:45AM in Ontario California ..

Finally  this afternoon I ‘fired up my bicycle’ .. after pumping up his tires and lubricating his chain .. and I rode into town .. about two miles .. on a zero-to-ten scale .. we have about a ‘fifty’ today .. it must be about 70 degrees .. bright sun and very breezy .. the wind felt so good as I rode into ‘The Oak’ .. which is the nickname for downtown Royal Oak .. Michigan ..

In FWIW..  127.. February 28, 2012 .. I wrote that I was NOT SAD about the trip coming to a conclusion .. 

Now that I am back .. IT REALLY FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK ..

Six months of  ‘back-packing’  in a country like India sort-of-takes-its-toll on one .. EVEN the kids .. I know.. they say it ..

You miss the oddest things .. my Oral ‘B’ Dental Irrigator (that shoots a strong stream of water between your teeth and with which you can really get your tongue clean !) .. your  OWN BED .. a bath tub in which you can recline and TAKE A BATH for a full hour ..

Your ‘bathroom scales’ so you can see how you are doing ‘weight-wise’ .. I WAS STUNNED AND I WAS SHOCKED ALMOST OUT-OF-MY-MIND to see that I weigh EXACTLY WHAT I WEIGHED when I last checked my weight on August 22nd, 2011 .. cold water and Gatorade .. Ensure and the Costco equivalent (Kirkland Diet Chocolate Shakes) .. my very own ‘home-made’ CHILI HOT OIL that I pop popcorn in and which takes the skin off the sides of my mouth is it so HOT .. NO STORE could LEGALLY SELL OIL THAT IS AS HOT AS WHAT I MAKE FOR MYSELF ..

I start un-dressing as I eat my pop-corn because the HOT oil I pop it in is so HOT I begin to sweat eating the popcorn ..

A washing machine in the basement .. goodness I can have some clean clothes .. maybe even daily ! .. after six months on the road ..

Just to be able to bicycle places like up to this Library .. (relatively SAFELY) .. THIS internet computer in MY Library with ‘Ed’ who is the BEST-OF-THE-VERY-BEST at helping us all here ..


OK .. enough of this ‘rambling’ .. I am pretty sure I will do some more posting .. BUT MY HISTORY IS I WILL NOT ! .. I get back to the United States and I STOP WRITING COMPLETELY .. so we shall see ..

Much Joy and Much Love to you all .. Cap ..