HONG KONG.. it is 12:39AM .. it is 0039 hours.. and it IS September the 2nd..

IF it is true.. and I think it is true.. certain animals.. I am thinking domestic dogs and cats.. can ‘sense’ whether or not you relate to them.. can ‘sense’ whether or not you like them or can sense if you are afraid of them.. I have owned.. and I love.. Doberman Pinchers.. ‘Dobies’.. and I am NOT afraid of them.. for I KNOW they have hearts of gold and are basically very shy and very sensitive and understanding creatures.. when I lived in Germany (1974 to 1978) all of my German associates would say to me .. “Cap.. yes the Doberman will protect you but Cap.. who will protect you FROM the Doberman!” ..

In my post under ‘Latest News’ for last Wednesday I wrote of the secret to enjoying travel here in this “neck ‘o the woods”.. a place I have been traveling since October 24th of 1990..

That simple secret is this:  you MUST REALLY like.. you MUST REALLY  enjoy.. you MUST REALLY DEEPLY AND  sincerely respect.. you MUST be able to ‘play’ with the people you find yourself deeply in the ‘midst of’..

For me it finally boiled down to this simple fact.. when the Ostro Goths and when the Visi Goths (excuse my attempts at spelling here) got up off their ‘hunkers’ back in the mid-ages and trudged across the iced over Rhine River and got western civilization off and running.. THESE FOLKS HERE IN ASIA were four some thousand years (4,000 years) into making things like fine china (the Mings and their dynasty for one example)..

AND look at their basic alphabet.. kids.. we have twenty six characters.. A through Z.. they have about two hundred INTRICATE AND INTENSE characters in their basic alphabet.. to learn.. THEIR MINDS have to be developed far deeper than our minds at a far younger age to grasp their language..

Oh Adolf.. may you roll over in your grave .. but the super race was not in your neck o’ the woods..

Now back to the ‘Dobies’.. because I TRULY LOVE AND ADMIRE AND RESPECT these kind folks here.. BECAUSE I smile from ear to ear at them all.. and YES YOU BETCHA.. some are having NOT ‘bad hair days’ but ‘BAD HAIR LIVES’.. some are NOT asking “God what’s this all about?” but “God.. why was I born?!”.. I believe that they ‘sense’ I REALLY MEAN THAT SMILE I AM SENDING TO THEM..

Last night.. in my hotel.. at about 4AM.. a group of three ‘youths’ came in.. and they had been ‘carrying on’ I could tell.. and they were BIG.. each 6ft 3 or 4 inches tall and BIG in girth.. and ONE was causing trouble with his two buddies.. ‘ol Bobba here decided.. “Ah yes.. I think I will NOT get into the elevator with them but I will wait for the next “UP car” and I backed off..

You are not dealing here with some stupid intellectual liberal idiot.. when back in early February of 1958.. at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, in California.. a Drill Instructor named one Aloysius Pigg from Arkansas.. who by the by.. had been a former Rodeo rider.. and who by the by.. was one of the meanest and one of the toughest son of a bitch that I have ever had the pleasure to come up against.. said we are going to teach you a proud profession.. we are going to teach you to become professional killers.. we will put this into your minds.. we will put this into your hearts.. and we will GIVE TO YOU THE GUTS TO DO WHAT WE TEACH YOU..  can YOU imagine growing up in Arkansas as a child with the name Aloysius PIGG?  Al Pigg had to be tougher than tough..

The United States Marine Corps was about to change my life.. if I wasn’t already a ‘finisher’.. I became a ‘finisher’ pronto.. it is not enough to have the airline ticket.. you have to get to the airport and you have to do what it takes to get to the gate and to board the airplane..

At that time.. in January of 1958.. World War II was barely thirteen years over.. and my United States Marine Corps ancestors had met up with some of these folks out in the Islands in the Pacific.. Guadalcanal.. Tarawa.. Iwo Jima.. Okinawa.. neither they the enemy nor my Marine Ancestors took captives.. I was taught that these folks were the enemy.. all of them.. we had a name for them.. not a flattering one..

Then I roll into China here in May of 1997.. and learned what happened to the Chinese in WW II.. one half of the population of some of their cities were killed by the people THEY got started out there on the island.. OH YES.. we have the alphabet A through Z and they all have the 200 character one.. they are as one as we are as one with the English and Tea Parties and etc.. THEN came for me some form of ‘enlightenment’..

So I did not come from birth to this point in my life with some attitude of kindness and of admiration for them.. oh no.. I have to come to this point in time through some real growth..

As you enter Hong Kong they take your temperature.. you MUST take you hat off.. and they  determine if you have a fever..


“God?” .. you there? .. “Where does this stuff come from if not from YOU?’

So Jeanne up theah in 99631-0202.. you asked me to “Calm down on the God Stuff”and I wrote you back and said.. ” Jeanne.. IT IS ALL GOD STUFF”..  thanks for sending  us some readers from your Blog.. oh yeah.. they are showing up here.. big time..

My prayer for the day to God was.. “Oh God of Abraham.. IF it be your will.. I pray that some word or some words..  some photo or some photos.. that you and I generate here.. will help just one special someone to have just a little bit better of a day.. I will be so thankful.. Thank You God.. I Love You God”..

Over and out for now.. oh by the way God.. thanks for sending me more than a few buckaroos for this internet thing here in Hong Kong.. at one HKG Dollar a minute.. each and every minute.. the tab adds up..

Oh yes.. I hear music writers say “The music is in my head demanding to come out”.. I feel that way about my writings.. “These words have been DEMANDING that I write them all day”.. go figure..

I’ve been listening to ACL ( A Chorus Line ) on my Apple iPod Shuffle and I realize the Dancers of this life MUST Dance when called to dance..

As Jack Duckworth wrote me back in the Spring of 1991.. “Cap.. you are one one significant MANIC EPISODE”..

I’ll take it .. NOW OVER AND OUT.. Captain hit “Publish”..