In his amazing song, and I can just hear his voice singing .. ‘My Way’ .. Frank Sinatra sang ..

“Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew

When I bit off more than I could chew

But through it all, when there was doubt

I ate it up and spit it out

I faced it all and I stood tall and did it my way.”

In 20-20 hindsight, when I put this trip together, I .. Your Captain ..

‘Bit off far more than I could chew’!

First mistake. Back in June of 2015, I scheduled myself to arrive into Seattle Washington on May 24th 2016 just before the busy Memorial Day weekend. I actually survived this mistake by one day. Had I flown in on Wednesday the 25th it would have been a problem.

Next mistake. Arriving back into the U.S. after the long Hong Kong-to-Seattle flight I only gave myself two short nights to visit Greg and Tsering. I could have easily stayed four nights with them. For something-to-do after meeting me at the Seattle airport when I touched-down after the long Hong Kong flight Greg drove me directly to the Embassy of Russia where I discussed my getting a visa to enter Russia in October.

On May the 26th after my being ‘deathly ill’ in Seattle .. Patti and I flew from Seattle to Reno Nevada. Then the next day Friday the 27th we drove our rental car to Dayton Nevada to stay with Doug and visit with Danny and Cynthia. We did a lot of ‘stuff ‘ in Reno .. you know .. for something-to-do.

Again I shorted us on time. We could have / should have stayed at least two more nights with Doug. Maybe we should have just moved-in with Doug.

On Wednesday June the 1st we flew into Ontario California to visit ‘Zilla and Claudia (Kleiner Behr). We spent three nights in Apple Valley. We could have / should have stayed at least two more nights with ‘Zilla and Kleiner Behr.

We left on Saturday the 4th of June arriving into Detroit Michigan at 12 o’clock midnight. With Andrej meeting us and driving our GMC Suburban we arrived home in Royal Oak Michigan about 2 o’clock in the morning June 5th. I was up at 7am to go to a meeting at 8:30am and another meeting at 10am. We two then drove North to Flint Michigan to visit Agnes in the afternoon returning to Royal Oak to get ready to go to Toledo Ohio on Monday the 6th of June following Patti’s medical procedure at 8am Monday.

Into Toledo we arrived Monday evening June 6th to visit with Mel and Lori. When I got up Tuesday morning June the 7th Patti was dead-to-the-world. I immediately changed our plan to drive to Akron Ohio on Tuesday opting to stay in Toledo an extra night. Patti slept past 12 o’clock noon Tuesday. I went to a noon meeting with Mel after meeting him at 9am for breakfast. Then in the afternoon Chad and I had a nice long visit.

June 8th we drove to Akron to meet Tom and Ginny at Dr. Bob’s home. We then changed plans to stay in Akron Wednesday evening opting to drive toward Palenville New York to meet up with Erin on Thursday. We stayed in Brookville Pennsylvania Wednesdasy evening. I was up most of the night doing work online.

Into Palenville New York we rolled Thursday evening.

We were going to head to Boston on Saturday (yesterday). We stayed in Palenville.

Now it is Sunday the 12th of June. When I wrap this up we head to Boston to visit Ed and Martha.

For by this time sanity has returned. I have added three-count-them-full-weeks to our Royal Oak Michigan visit.

By the way .. I have NOT been sitting idle here. I have now snapped about five hundred photos since arriving into Seattle last May the 24th.

Smiling and still able to stand up .. Cap (with Patti supporting me) ..

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