Epilogue .. written after the fact.

As you read this post you will think .. “It looks fine to me. What is Cap talking about.”

I tried to do this post using only my Apple iBook G4 iPhoto program. I did everything that I could do but I could not pull-off the photos. So, as you will see, I just went to the local library to finish the post.

Below are two maps (the grand overview and a detailed view) showing where Patti and I currently are visiting.

Arlington is located in the NW part of the greater Boston Metro (10th largest in the U.S.) Area.

BUMP! Reality has suddenly set-in! Now what to write?

Photos Captain! Everyone likes photos Captain! Upload a photo of Ed and Martha who are hosting you and Patti.

DSCN6189I met Ed in the autumn of 1954 at the University of Michigan. I don’t know about YOU .. BUT a friend who dates-back over sixty (yes 60) years is a friend-to-treasure.

Atta-Boy Captain. The world loves photos of beautiful ladies.

DSCN6262[1]Gullible on the left and Patti-My-Queen on the right. Looking so good you two!

Yikes Dad!

“Dad you just dumped over eleven hundred (1,100) photos into my iPhoto library. Dad I am not sure I have the storage capacity to handle them all. Dad you got me in March of 2003 and I am now over thirteen (13) years old. Well Dad I will do all I can do. You need to take me into the Boston Apple store. Use your new Garmin GPS to find it Dad.” / sign me /  .. Your Apple iBook G4 Laptop

Taa-Daa .. Meet another of my closest inner-circle friends who dates-back to the autumn of 1975. ‘Zilla!

DSCN7003[1]Seattle Greg now joins us!

DSCN2176[1]And .. Taa-Daa .. Yours Truly .. Captain Baba Cap Kanbaatar In-The-Air.

DSCN9738[1]Julia Cameron this is 100% totally all-of-your-fault.

Just begin to write Captain! / Signed /  Julia Cameron

“Captain Kanbaatar? Nergui here. Did you call me for some assistance with a very Tough Assignment?”

DSCN8841[1]“Nergui, I think that Mendee below can help me to work this one out! You be ready to back-us-up Nergui.”

DSCN8516[1]Every Team MUST have a Team Mascot!  Kleiner Behr’s Bear joins us.

DSCN7076[1]– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

OK! Enough of my monkey-shines here. I could not master my own Apple iBook G4 so I had to come to the Arlington Library to continue this Post because here at the library I am able to use Mr. Gates Windows operating system that is installed on a desk top PC.

Patti and I have been busy-bees here in Arlington and environs.

Noodle Stix  is in Cambridge close to Arlington.

DSCN7667[1]An old friend since the autumn of 2014. Noodle Stix is a take-out venue with just two booths.

DSCN7669[1]Excellent Singapore Rice Noodles .. What else!

DSCN7670[1]The Taipei Gourment on Massachusetts Avenue.

DSCN7675[1]The Taipei Gourmet is much more formal than Noodle Stix.


DSCN7674[1]What do you think we ordered at the Taipei Gourmet? Singapore Rice Noodles that is what we ordered.

DSCN7705[1]Sugo’s  is an Italian family restaurant and it ranks up there with the very best.



DSCN7679[1]An enormous Gourmet Turkey sandwich with two Fantastic Caesar salads with wonderful bread and olive oil.


We had cannoli for dessert and it was wonderful!


I did a full Post about the tripadvisor World Headquarters over on my blogspot website.


Below are a few photos just in case you missed the above Post.

DSCN7644[1]Truly an amazingly attractive building and headquarters.



DSCN7647[1]Spy Pond Park

Spy Pond Park is a lovely park beside a beautiful small lake in Arlington.


DSCN7699[1]Ed visiting with Patti.

DSCN7698[1]Well I will close with That-Is-That for a quick-touch from Arlington (Boston) Massachusetts.

Smiles .. Cap and Patti

See I told you that you would not know one whit about the problems I had getting this post put together. It looks peachy-keen doesn’t it?

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