As some of you well know .. I border on being .. yes even at age 75 years .. a bit of a physical fitness ‘nut’ .. I watch my weight and what I eat rigorously .. well I am happy to tell all of you that I have ‘fired up’ my Anchorage Based Bicycle and I have ‘hit the road’ here in Anchorage ..

So below are a photo or maybe  two .. depending on IF my webmaster Andre and I can do it .. of me and my Anchorage Bicycle .. here we go ..

Why .. IF any one of you can tell me.. WHY are so many bicycle riders wearing BLACK or VERY DARY riding gear .. it makes NO SENSE .. I WANT TO BE SEEN !

BELIEVE THIS MY FRIENDS .. wearing my ‘colors’ .. I am either HIGHLY VISIBLE and can be avoided .. OR .. I am HIGHLY VISIBLE and I have become an EXCELLENT TARGET for a bad citizen to ‘aim at’ ..