For What It’s Worth.. 143.. May 17, 2012

In my home .. in Manley Hot Springs .. in the State of Alaska .. my closest neighbor .. has posted a video about the early years of his life on You Tube .. 

The video lasts for just over twelve (12) minutes ..

I was stunned .. his video is PHENOMENAL .. should you choose to go to You Tube and look at it .. I think you too will find it .. words fail me ..

1.  GOOGLE  the following words ..  You Tube ..

2.  In the You Tube Search Window .. Enter the words ..  Dr Rudy Krejci ..

3.  Click on it (Dr Rudy Krejci) when it ‘comes up’ ..

Patti and I have watched Rudy’s video at least six times ..

Again .. adjectives simply fail me ..