For What It’s Worth.. 145.. November 20, 2012

To really get ‘caught up-to-date’ you may want to visit my website . ..

But ‘in-a-nutshell’ Patti has experienced breast cancer and had surgery and is now ‘fit-as-a-fiddle’ with NO radiation and NO chemo neesssary ..

We flew South from Anchorage to Chicago on November the 8th and then took Amtrak from Chicago to Detroit on November the 9 th.. after a week in Royal Oak we headed South late Sunday the 18th staying in Toledo Ohio overnight ..

In New Orleans .. we plan (have tickets) see the NFL New Orleans Saints play the San Francisco 49ers on November 25th and then we plan to drive to Dallas and see  the Cowboys play the Eagles on December 2nd ..

AND .. do a lot of sightseeing en route .. after we have seen the cowboys play .. it will be .. “Patti .. flip that coin .. heads Carolina .. tails California” ..

OK .. over and out for now .. Smiles .. Cap ..