Today’s (long) Rhetorical Question to myself :

“Captain! Think about this : The famous Donner Pass, in California, sits at elevation 7,056 feet. Flagstaff, here in Northern Arizona, sits at elevation 6,909 feet. In other words, with the exception of a mere 146-feet difference between their respective elevations, Flagstaff and Donner Pass sit at (basically) the same elevation. Knowing this, you should not be very surprised at what I am about to show in the below photos.

“IF you were sitting right now in Donner Pass, with its history of snow and road closures etc et al in the winter, it very likely is also snowing at Donner Pass as I write this Post! That is what you get at elevation 7,000-feet!

“So why the big deal here with some snow in Flagstaff on the last day of March Captain?”

It just tickles-me-pink! That’s why!”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The below photos are shown in the sequence in which they were snapped. In other words, the first photo was snapped first.

Yesterday, Thursday the 30th of March 2017, Patti and I took a one-day-trip driving South of Flagstaff to visit Sedona Arizona and environs.


In the next series of photos, among other things, such as noticing the amazing beauty of the Sedona area, casually keep remembering to notice that the weather was just absolutely magnificent.


We are off for Sedona Arizona.

This is important for you to keep-in-mind as you ride along with us. Sedona sits at elevation 4,326-feet. So Sedona is 2,683-feet lower in elevation than Flagstaff.









And our nice visit to Sedona Arizona comes to a close with the sun setting into the Western sky.

Just in case ..

Some of you being senior citizens ..

You may have forgotten, as you viewed the above photos, that yesterday was an absolutely magnificent day.

Go ahead, revisit our amazing drive yesterday. OK, just look at the last photo above.

Back into Flagstaff we two rolled and into the library we settled down for a stay of several hours.

“To all of our patrons, it is now 9pm. The library is closing.”

We two packed-up and walked to the exit door.

Stunned! Absolutely stunned!

Out into the dark night and into the dead of winter Patti and I walked.


The 2.1-mile drive home last night from the library to Motel 6 was actually a dangerous experience. Sleet and rain and high winds. We took it easy and got back to Motel 6 safe-and-sound.

This Friday morning we awoke to some snow.




Then it clouded-up a bit.



“Yes you are correct. It was not too bad. No big deal.”

“The big deal was that the doors were frozen shut and the windshield wipers were frozen tightly to the windshield.”

“No big deal on that either. I just waited until 11:30am when they melted open and out I went.”

Nice and sunny at 11:30am huh?


If you will, notice that in the above photos, our suburban was left of the white car from Texas.

Back I came at 2pm and parked our truck.

Below you see what things-looked-like a mere hour later.



Driving to the library where I am now writing.


The library at 4pm.




Well it sure is nice inside the library.




Can you see my setup to the right below? Beside the window wall.


At 7,000-feet this is what you get.

March comes in like a lion and March goes out like a lion.

With Joy .. Patti and Cap

Just in case some of you wanted to see more photos of Sedona, I took well over one hundred photos yesterday far more than the few you saw above. I plan to post them over on my blogspot website when I am able to do so.

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