Well, as I am now developing the common use of this phrase :

Here we go loop-de-loop.

Yesterday, Monday the 8th of May, I drove North from Albuquerque, New Mexico, returning to Santa Fe where Patti and I visited four (complete) days from Thursday, April 27th (arrival) to Tuesday, May 2nd (departure).

Here, primarily for Patti, but of course you all are welcome to ‘peek’, are some photos of my motel and a great restaurant meal.

Sunny and bright in Santa Fe? Tomorrow or later this afternoon? Maybe.

Oh definitely not the case as I sit down here at the keys! Dark overcast skies and serious wind with rain on the horizon.

Super 8, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I snapped the below exterior photos yesterday when I arrived. It was a tad more clear than it is now on Tuesday.

My parking lot.

I can not access my room from the parking lot.

Below is my ideal situation. Park right at my motel door.

Motel 6 above and Extended Stay America below.

Thank The Good Lord for a serious luggage trolley. It took two (2) trips.

With you My Dear One up in Anchorage, I definitely pack Black Beauty quite differently.

Inside we go My Dear One.

Looking down ‘my hallway’. Second door to the right, you can see the light from my room on the floor.

Taa-Daa .. My room in the Super 8 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Nice King Bed. The manager gave me a ‘perk’ when he let me have a larger room at no extra cost.

“Why me God? This keeps happening to me.”

Nice set up. Love the table for my WiFi laptop. It is excellent WiFi.

Super 8 above and Motel 6 below. NICE! LOTS OF SPACE around the bathroom sink.

Below is a photo of Extended Stay America in Albuquerque. TOO, TOO CRAMPED. No room to put your toilet articles and to spread them out.

Back we go to The Super 8 here in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The front lobby area immediately adjacent to the front, check-in, counter.

Love the large, roomy, microwave oven.

I even get a free breakfast! Oatmeal or cold cereal. Fruit. Waffles. Yogurt. Toast. Juice. etc!

Ice cube machine. Lots of ‘treats’.

Knock me over! A nice exercise work-out room!

There you have my new ‘digs’ in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the Super 8.

When Patti and I were here in Santa Fe a week-or-so-ago, Patti ‘spied’ a Mexican Restaurant that looked good-to-her. When we went there to eat, it was closed on its day-off.

I made a ‘solemn vow’ to go back and to visit it. I did just that!


I also did this photo-shoot yesterday when it was a tad more sunny.

“You call those sunny-blue-skies a tad more sunny than today Captain?”

Inside we go My Dear One.

Nice, very nice interior appointments and ambiance.

I love the below. Three, count them 3, types of Salsa.

Large, complete menu!

My lunch was a Tostada Plate.

Two tostadas with beans and rice and three corn tortillas to make soft tacos for myself.

Oh Yum-m-m-m. I was so full that it was 12-midnight before  I forgot that I needed to take my vitamins. I took them with a midnight snack.

You would absolutely have loved it My Dear One. I missed having you across the table from me.

Well for now, that-is-that.

With Joy from Super 8 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


2 thoughts on “MAY 9, 17 .. SANTA FE NEW MEXICO .. 2nd VISIT

  1. patricia boone

    While waiting for the computer to make updates, I listened to the TV weather channel, and they mentioned storms in New Mexico today, including in Santa Fe. So, I was not surprised to see the dark skies in your post pictures. Nice room … thank you Mr. Manager for giving Cap a nice room! Fun, FUN, that you went to the Mexican restaurant we had previously tried to go to on a closed day. Glad you enjoyed it, it looks charming and delicious. Laughed about the boxes now occupying my space in the passenger side of the truck! Smiles and love. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain

      Glad you howled over the phone about the boxes in YOUR seat in Black Beauty. Great room and restaurant. Too much you are watching the weather channel and were NOT surprised by my dark skies photos. Much Love .. Cap

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