Below is a link about a possible airline BAN on any electronics items larger than a cell phone.

I just recently wrote that I was NOT going to take my laptop with me to Hong Kong because of its weight.

With this possible ban in-the-works, I may’ve been ahead of the power-curve without even knowing it.

Too much.

Smiling .. Cap

2 thoughts on “MAY 11, 17 .. WELL .. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS ..

  1. patricia boone

    The article/link you provided DID list SPECIFIC countries from which larger electronics (laptops) would be prohibited from coming to the USA. They went on to say it may expand to flights from Europe, UK, etc. The risk you would take in carrying your laptop with you on your next trip to Asia is … if the ban grows, you might not be able to bring it home with you when the time comes. That would not make you happy! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      You are spot on. The rules are really in a state-of-flux. But my bottom line is the weight of Mister Lenovo. I just am not able to carry the weight. So now there is NO debate whatsoever. He stays home. What a mess IF I had him with me and had to leave him. Thanks. Love, Cap

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