I had planned to drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Trinidad, Colorado, yesterday, Thursday the 18th.

I left Santa Fe (heading first for Taos NM and then on to Trinidad CO) about 11:30am. I arrived into Espanola about 12-noon and I stopped for lunch.

If you look at the map below, you will notice I did not go very far before I was ready to stop and take-a-break. Say, no more than 20-miles from Santa Fe to Espanola! This was not really a good sign.



Lunch at JoAnn’s.

Hello JoAnn.

A very nice restaurant.

Tuna on toasted whole wheat with cottage cheese. Yum-m-m-m!

Then IT hit me like a sledge-hammer. I said to myself ..

“I don’t feel like driving up to Colorado. I want to just chill-out and enjoy the drive to Taos.”

Bad news. I had booked and paid-for a room in Trinidad CO. I did not even have with me the name of the motel nor a phone number for it. I have got to get to a place with Wi Fi so I can fire up my laptop and make a call and see IF I can change my reservation. Some Priceline deals you can not alter nor change the deal.

I saw a Pizza Hut when I came into Espanola! Pizza Huts have Wi Fi.

I backtracked to the Pizza Hut and walked in.

“Sorry Sir. Our Wi Fi is not working.” I was told.

“Man Oh Manischewitz I have got to get connected someplace.”

“I will let you patch-into our Wi Fi.”

I called my place in Trinidad, Colorado. They were cool! They said they’d see me on Friday night.

Then I got onto Priceline and got a deal in Taos.

On to Taos. With a stop-or-two along the way.

Into Taos we roll.

My check-in crew.

Free breakfast.

Park by my door.

Two Kings.

Nice view.

Out to check on the Rio Grande Gorge. HWY 64 about 15-miles out of Taos.

It was in the 50s and the wind was blowing. I nearly froze-to-death.

What a Day!

Smiling .. Cap

2 thoughts on “MAY 19, 17 .. TAOS, NEW MEXICO

  1. patricia boone

    Had to chuckle … a stop 20 miles out of Santa Fe in Espanola for lunch at ‘JoAnn’s Restaurant: Native New Mexico Foods’ … and you had a tuna fish sandwich and cottage cheese. VERY native!! Chuckles and smiles!!! Glad you decided to just “coast” along the Rio Grande, not drive to Trinidad, CO, see the Rio Grande Gorge (in the 50’s and COLD wind), and spend a night in Taos. Lovely room with a nice table for your laptop. Sweet. Trinidad awaits you up the road, not far! Love, hugs. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Wait until you see, in a future Post, maybe on blogspot, the photos that I snapped from the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge all because I did not go to Trinidad but instead stayed the night in Taos. Happy you chucked at my eating one of my beloved tuna sandwichs in JoAnn’s the Native New Mexico Food Restaurant.

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