JUN 6, 17 .. PART 3 of 3 .. CROOK COLORADO .. WHERE ??

I have to assume that, as you come to this Post, you have read Parts 1 and 2 above. If so, you know today is D-Day and I sit in Julesburg, Colorado.

However, this Post is about Crook, Colorado. It is not about Julesburg.

I devised the below ‘maps’ to show you where Crook, Colorado, is located.

I painted a toothpick black and used it as a pointer-arrow. Do you see poor little Crook, Colorado, way up in the Northeast corner of Colorado. Don’t sweat the fact the below photo is somewhat blurred, I took two more photos that you can see further below.

Crook and Julesburg to its (East) right.

Then I saw a Colorado Welcome Center Map.

Enough with the maps Captain!

I pulled into Crook late last night at a little past 10pm.

After 10pm is a bad time to find a hotel / motel room. The cost of my stay here in Crook, Colorado, fifty nine dollars and fifty two cents ($59.52) was just a tad pricey, but, I did get some perks that went with it.

For my $59.52 I got :

$51.20 .. 21.342 Gallons of gasoline for Black Beauty.

$  2.60 ..  2 each, 1 litre bottles of cold, lemon-lime Gatorade.

$  2.50 ..  2 each, 1 litre bottles of Aquafina drinking water.

$  3.22 ..  1 each, gigantic, exotic, specially seasoned hot dog.


Some very nice, fun entertainment.


Water and Gatorade.


Pure Joy and Pure Fun.

“Dad! I feel so sad. Where did the children go Dad?”

Sleep?  Where did I sleep?

I slept for free. No cost for sleeping last night. I have a very comfortable, twin-size, mattress in the back of Black Beauty. I sleep very well when I am on the road and staying in truck stops.

Breakfast?  In bed so to speak.

And now? I have been here all day.

And now? I am going to drive to North Platte, Nebraska.



Where I have a ** Hotel booked and paid for with Priceline. I will stay two nights in North Platte. Patti and I will enjoy game 3 of the NBA Finals tomorrow night.

I ~ Can ~ Still ~ Do ~ This ~ And ~ It ~ Makes ~ Me ~ Very ~ Happy ~


3 thoughts on “JUN 6, 17 .. PART 3 of 3 .. CROOK COLORADO .. WHERE ??

  1. cap chastain

    I completely lost-it when I painted a toothpick black to point to Crook, Colorado, and then did a photo-shoot of my Road Atlas and also shot photos of the maps in the Julesburg, Colorado, Visitor’s Center. I, for some reason, forgot that I have Andrej’s maps to use. Go figure.

    It could have originated in my long, four Posts about the Pueblo Riverwalk on blogspot. There I have NO maps to post and I did use many photos of the Riverwalk map (not my Road Atlas) with arrows pointing to attractions. I did not change gears back to being on DOT.net here.

    But, I am still smiling .. Cap

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