JUN 6, 17 .. PART 1 of 3 .. JUNE 6, 1944 D-DAY

I am publishing three Posts today.

Part 1 – D-Day

Part 2 – Julesburg, Colorado

Part 3 – Crook, Colorado

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D-DAY .. JUNE 6, 1944

On June the 6th of each and every year, I think of the historical significance of June the 6th, 1944, when the allied forces came ashore and stormed the beaches along the Normandy Coast of France.

I sit here, with a case of the shivers, just thinking about it. I was age 7-years 9-months when it occurred and I knew, even at my young age, that something very special was happening.

Los Alamos. The Manhattan Project. Pueblo Colorado. Medal of Honor Recipients. Being inside a B-29. D-Day. Whew!




To all of you fallen heroes,


Cap .. One of those too young to fight on the Normandy Beaches or the Beaches of the South Pacific.

Scroll down or click below on Previous to read about Julesburg, Colorado (Part 2 of 3) and then Crook, Colorado (Part 3 of 3).

5 thoughts on “JUN 6, 17 .. PART 1 of 3 .. JUNE 6, 1944 D-DAY

  1. patricia boone

    Moving right along … with NO motel room in Colorado Springs, you took a breath and went right on through … beginning the trip east. Sleeping in the ‘bed’ in back of the truck is something you ‘take to’ with relish on occasion, so, I was not surprised when you had a full, restful night at the truck stop in Crook, Colorado. Re D-Day, I read the three links and was stopped in my tracks when I read Eisenhower lived on coffee and cigarettes for four days prior to the landing. Whew. What tension for him and ALL of the troops. Be safe traveling on … love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Thanks for reading the links. I too found them interesting. Talk about pressure. Whew. Quite a day in history. It was soooo nice to sleep in Black Beauty and to KNOW, from actual experience, that I can still do this comfortably. As I work my way East from North Platte, Nebraska, I very well again may overnight in a truck stop and not be tied to planned motel / hotel stops. Smiles and Love, Cap

  2. z

    Thursday, June 8, 2017 – 2:00 pm
    Hi Cap,
    In viewing your “BlogSpot” dated Jun 5, 2017 I noticed something I found by chance very interesting! First your photos of the map layout on the ground and your arrows were great in viewing your route along the Arkansas River Walk in Pueblo!! Super nice! Secondly, I checked at the bottom of your blog, and clicked on “Subscribe to: Posts (atom)” and opened – and low and behold – it opened a super chain of posts by you from January 2017 up to June 5, 2017 and covered a very long listing of very interesting stories with pictures from your clinic in Phoenix, California (with too many places to list from your California tour), hockey games in Ontario, Grand Canyon, White Sands and even though you mentioned that in one blog you had 217 photos listed, I bet all together you must have more than 500 (probably close to a 1,000)! I found great joy in reviewing all these stories, and of course the pictures, outlying the many towns, burgs, diners, meals, restaurants, hotels, etc that you covered in your travels from January 2017 to June – and reminded me of the many of the blogs I had previously seen over the past many months, but refreshed my memory!! Nifty! Of course we know, “you are not sitting around pondering what to do” – as usual you try to make a normal day of 24 hours to at least 30 hours without a blink! You mentioned some issue with your knee, is it ok now, and it may be just sore from a lot of traveling that you are doing on a daily basis?!? Please pop a brief summary on your knee’s condition. Happy travels – you have to be in shape for HK!

    1. cap chastain

      The KNEE. You asked about my knee ‘Zilla. I went to bed a week-or-so ago feeling very good. I went to bed and nothing, so to speak, was wrong. I awoke the next morning and my right knee was KILLING ME. I could barely walk to get a cane. With a cane, I got to my walker in the truck. It was THAT BAD ‘Zilla. I mean bad. I called Mayo Phoenix about meds they gave me for my left knee (I had to have a cortizone shot in my left knee last December or January) and what they gave me was a pain pill. I hobbled (literally) through that day. I went to bed that night. The next morning my right knee was ‘a tad but noticeably’ better. Two days later .. It was, more or less OK. Go Figure. As I type these words both are OK. I can walk and am walking. Go figure. Smiles .. Cap

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