I am in a library in Toledo, Ohio.

My Lenovo laptop was rendered totally inoperative last Friday evening by hackers or neer-do-wells while I was staying at Motel 6 in Avoca, Iowa.

In spite of having Windows Defender and Malware Byes, I was not protected from this attack and I am unable to use Mister Lenovo.

I hope to get Mister Lenovo back on line and operative today, when I visit the Geek Squad at Best Buy, in Madison Heights, Michigan.

Still Smiling .. Cap

5 thoughts on “JUN 12, 17 .. I AM OFF LINE ON MY LENOVO LAPTOP ..

  1. Jeanne Follett

    Cap, I heartily recommend Best Buy’s Geek Squad support system. It’s a subscription program and you can call them anywhere, anytime and they will remotely fix your computer. It also covers three devices so you can include Patti’s computer. It is so much better than making an appointment at Best Buy to take your device in for repair, leaving it for several days or weeks, etc.

    I thought the program was less than $100 a year, but I just checked and it’s $199. a year. You might ask them when you take your Lenovo in. I find Best Buy’s requirement that you make an appointment to take a device in for repair obnoxious, so doing it from home or anywhere fits my needs better,

    1. cap chastain

      Done Deal. I took Mister Lenovo into Best Buy, a store that ‘I-know-very-well’ here in Madison Heights, Michigan. I purchased Mister Lenovo at Best Buy in Anchorage. So Best Buy and myself are longtime associates.

      The cost for a one-year service plan is $200 plus tax. They are keeping Mister Lenovo for a few days to check him out. I did the deal. Called and made an appointment.

      I am in the town of Flushing, Michingan, located in the Northern part of Flint, Michigan, at the Genesse County District Library.

      My membership is in Patti’s name. Patti owns the program so yes, she too is now covered.

      As usual, As always, thank you so much for your encouragement and support. Cap in Flushing, Michigan.

    1. cap chastain

      The in-store repair is the same as the membership. As a now member it is covered under the membership of $200 plus tax of 6%. In-store IS the Geek Squad.

      Smiles and Gratitude. Cap

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