Today’s Rhetorical Question : Is something (Any Post) better than nothing (No Post).

Answer : I guess it all depends.

I am having some difficulties getting things posted here in a lovely, really nice, very sweet little library, in the Flint, Michigan, area.

I am staying where the  center red balloon  is located, between Flushing and Flint, both in Genesee County.

‘My Library’ is shown below.

Below is a photo of My Digs here in the library.

Today, just now, for the very first time in some many months, I snuck a teeny-weeny-itsy-bitsy peek at the Delta Airlines flights from the West Coast of the United States over to Hong Kong.


Delta Airlines is still flying to Hong Kong from the Western Coast of the United States.


I, your very own Captain, am still very hot-to-trot  to get aboard an airliner and fly to Hong Kong.

So ‘Zilla, one of these days, I will be giving you a phone call and saying to you :

“Let’s you and I discuss this plan.”

But, as I sit here in Flint / Flushing / Genesee County Michigan, I am not ready to make that call quite yet.

I will close with this repeat re-affirmation :

Dating back to last November the 25th 2016, I had given-up-hope that I would ever again, in this lifetime, feel as good as I am now feeling.

Relatively recently, my aim was to get to 80% of my prior normal state of mind and body.

I have now achieved, the unexpected / unhoped for goal, of 90% of normal. 95% is in sight and I feel possible. I don’t know about it being probable.


Over And Out for now.

Smiling. Cap

10 thoughts on “JUN 16, 17 .. FLINT, MICHIGAN

  1. Catherine Raye-Wong

    Cap, I am so glad to read your posts and particularly happy to read you are feeling so well! Keep making the fun memories. You treach me so much about gliding through life, learning, staying active, being as healthy as possible, and having a great attitude. Well, off to Maui tomorrow with Arnold, Steve and Amy to relax, play and workout! Aloha, Kitty

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Wow! Maui! Awesome. Such good news. I don’t know about gliding through life Kitty. Pretty hard to glide when I was up to my knees in quick sand last winter. Smiling at your great news about Maui above. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      You are indeed keeping up my friend. Does the Shadow know my plans? I sure don’t know. The ‘real’ deadline is for me to be IN Mongolia in July. Hong Kong, in June, is a nice to, want to, hope to do visit. The real pressure, if there is indeed any pressure, is the promise I made to my Mongolian allies to be there in July. I will then leave Mongolia when it gets cold and really hole-up and settle in with Miss Hong Kong for the wonderful months of November through February. Then, when it gets hot and humid in Hong Kong in March or April, I will then run back up to Mongolia for the duration. Smiles .. Cap

  2. patricia boone

    The Genesee Library looks very sweet! I KNOW you are having a great visit with Agnes in Flushing, Michigan … and I know you are bringing a LOT of energy into her otherwise quiet days!! Of course, my heart sings when you say you are feeling so well. However, I must say I have some trepidations about you being out of the country. Sigh. Again, however, I cheer your energy and positive attitude also. Much love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      When, and ONLY when, I truly feel ready-to-go, then, and only then, will I ready-the-parachute and get ready to pull the rip-cord My Dear One. Much Love. Cap

  3. z

    Saturday, June 17, 2017 – 3:00 pm
    Hi Cap,

    If you are at “90” %, I would say you are good to go!! The big question is medically are you/will you be fit to the point that your “hip” is also at “90”% and you can stand a hectic pace that you are always trying to accomplish? If you can “take-your-time-and-no-rush-when-you-travel” seems to me very important and not get yourself in a “pickle”.

    We can work on Delta flights when you are ready. I too did some checking and I note that travel in the summer months indicate some flights (business) are booked; but with a flexible schedule I am sure something can be worked out! I believe the key point is your health and status of healing of your hip (it seems to me I recall the maximum weight you are “suppose” to limit yourself was only about “15 lbs” – a tough guideline to travel overseas)!!??….


  4. hedge

    Very interesting subject , thankyou for putting up. “There are several good protections against temptations, but the surest is cowardice.” by Mark Twain.

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