Today’s Rhetorical Question to myself :

Should I just close my TRAVEL button at the top of my site here?

I get the feeling that few to fewer followers read it.

For my travel plans just click onto the TRAVEL button at the top.


“That is that Captain?”

I felt this trip was slipping away from me. I had vowed NOT to make any plans until I arrived here in Royal Oak, Michigan. I arrived last Friday late evening. I set the wheels in motion on Saturday and finalized the flights today the 26th.

For now, that is that.

Smiles .. Cap

When I am in my airliner’s seat (lower right red balloon) in Detroit, Michigan, I will then, and only then, fully believe that this trip is underway. Seattle, Washington is the lower left red balloon.


6 thoughts on “JUN 26, 17 .. MY CURRENT TRAVEL PLANS.

  1. patricia boone

    The wheels turned and now you have a ticket and date of departure to return to Asia. I hope all goes well, safely, happily. Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      I don’t understand about the maps. I have been doing the maps here on dot.net for some time. As to blogspot, it takes a certain software that we have for dot.net but not for blogspot. Smiles, Cap

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