As I am navigating my way through each day, I keep thinking to myself the following thought :

“This is not for the faint of heart.”

If I did not have decades of International Travel behind me and under my figurative belt, I couldn’t be doing this.

I know Hong Kong to the point that when I get into the MTR system..

I just go on auto-pilot to the correct car to board in order to de-board at the proper place when I get to my destination wondering to myself .. “How did I just do that?”

Last night the Jet Lag finally caught up with me and really slammed me. I slept over 12-hours and did not feel all that good when I dragged myself up this morning.

I went to the Airport Express Station at 8am this morning and spoke with actual Mongolian Airline employees so I now have that zeroed-in for next Thursday the 20th. I think that I will do the Airport Express and NOT take a taxi out to the airport. I feel that strong and will have only three bags with me. One will be checked and two carried aboard (my backpack and my CPAP mini-suitcase).”

Tonight I am paying for two rooms. I took my big bag to my new room this noontime. Tomorrow I will then have my small suitcase, backpack and CPAP mini-suitcase. This saves me the rigors of checking out of the YMCA at 11am and having to wait for my new room until 3pm.

Shades of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

When I got to the Chungking Mansions and my new hostel they said they had no rooms. I paid in full yesterday for 7-night stay.

They then said I could pay HKG $250 and have a double room. My single is HKG $170. I said no. So they gave me a room on the 8th floor for my suitcase. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Again I know them (Patti this is the place with the amazing corner room we stayed in) so I just stood my ground.

I can NOT stay more than 7-nights in a calendar month at the YMCA and my visit is longer than 7-days so I had to move.

Over and Out for now.

Much Joy .. Cap

4 thoughts on “JUL 13, 17 .. JET LAG FINALLY SLAMMED ME

  1. patricia boone

    Jet lag or whatever … I know you KNOW to rest when you run out of steam. Bummer on the room at Chung King Mansions not being available although you had PAID for it … but I am glad that you at least got the largest suitcase transferred so that you do not have to “wait” with that tomorrow to check into your Chung King room. Still, I have to wonder what you do with you and your backpack and CPAP suitcase between noon check out at the YMCA and the 3 PM check in at Chung King. I know you will figure it out, still … sigh … I cannot help but be concerned. Love, Patti

  2. Cap Chastain Post author

    I am NOT talking while the flavor lasts. Step ahead to July 14th and read .. The Rest of The Story. Much Love. Cap

  3. Gullible

    PS: That’s Patti ahead of you on the escalator. You’re fudging on the photos, Cap. (Actually, I’m just jealous that you’re able to find the photos you want when you want)

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