Of course you are all welcome to look along with Patti.

Patti, do you remember, across from the central office here in Ulaanbaatar, there is a school. The school is surrounded by trees. The trees looked very sad and bleak and lonely when you saw them in November of 2015.

Click onto the below link to refresh yourself on the state of the trees when you last saw them.


I can remember us thinking,

“Oh Poor Trees. Do you think they are going to survive?”

Now we two will ‘jump-ahead’ a year and a half.

When I was out at the central office the other day, I just happened to look over at the school.

Oh My. IF you could see the trees now Patti My Dear One.

Amazing. Just absolutely, positively amazing. The tree trimmers knew what they were doing!

Back when you were here, if you looked off to the right, you saw the below view. Focus on the two buildings, especially the light red brick building on the far right below.

Will you just look at what they have done Patti!

Some things never change do they Patti?

We get a drop-or-two, well, maybe three drops of rain, and look at ‘our lake’ in front of ‘our building’ here in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Some things never change. You get a small lake and the children appear.

Can any of you ‘caption’ the below photo. What is the youngest boy saying to the others?

In the above photo, the youngest boy is telling the others,

“You all go and play with your basketball. I am going to play in the lake!”

How about our little ‘side street’ out to Peace Avenue?

Same Ol’ Same Ol’ Yet another little lake. The kids stay away from this attractive source of fun because there is a lot of automobile traffic in and out.

It is really nice when so many signs are in English.

I have settled on what I am eating. Two types of meals. Soup and Cereal.

Soup and Mongolian Black Bread.

The soup on the left is very mild, tasty, Shanghai Chicken Noodle. The soup on the right is blazing, hot, Gormet Spicy Noodle.

The cereal is just great to take with my Vitamin D, Magnesium and Calcium. I then mix the cereal with the yogurt you see in the small blue cups.

So far I have not yet opened up the Apple Sauce.

A shopping trip looks like this.

I spied some cereal with these, new-to-me, food bars attached as a promotional item. I went through the cereal on the store shelf and I picked out the only three boxes with the food bars. Who said life is fair?

Now I plan to look for a source of these food bars. I really like them as a snack with some yogurt.

I have absolutely no intention of running out of safe drinking water or my Vitamin C / Lemon Drink. Those are 5-liter bottles of water.

Well My Dear One. Not to worry huh?

Love .. Cap

2 thoughts on “JUL 28, 17 .. SOME PHOTOS FOR PATTI

  1. patricia boone

    Big cheers, not only for the survival of the trees, but for coming back in blazing glory! Yes, we can now be assured that the “tree trimmers” knew what they were doing.

    Great that the grocery store is so close to you and offers things that really are appealing.

    I think the caption for the little boy by the lake (talking to the 3 larger/older boys) was: “Any one of you brave enough to jump in this lake with me?” Apparently not, they all walked away!

    Smiles, love. Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Fun comment for the little boy. I could NOT believe the condition of the trees My Dear One. I may take some more photos of them. Love my grocery store. Love being here where I am too. Love You .. Cap

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