God and Deegi both have a real sense of humor. This entire deal was set up by Deegi.

I am staying two nights with Sergey, a friend of Deegi and Saina, in his apartment here in Ulan-Ude.

I was wondering how I would see Ulan-Ude.

These are photographs of an Ulan-Ude taxicab.

Sergey owns, and drives, his own taxicab. So I am with a professional cab-driver who will show-me-around Ulan-Ude. Too funny.

We met Sergey at the edge of Ulan-Ude and followed him to his apartment building.

Ah-h-h-h   S-o-o.  I guess I will have no problem finding things I want to find here in Ulan-Ude.

Good News. Sergey really knows Ulan-Ude.

Other News. This is the humorous angle. Sergey doesn’t speak on word of English.

In Ulaanbaatar, I live in some fear of the elevator NOT working.

No problem here with any anxiety about the elevator.

No problemo ‘Zilla. Zero. Zip. De Nada.

I am two nights in a second floor, cold water, walk-up. 42-count-them steps. Two full flights of 18-steps (9 + 9) after the entrance flight of 6-steps.

Artwork on the landings. See it below on the left at the landing.

“We got it Captain. No need to show the other three flights.”

Sergey’s entrance door.

A little ‘arctic entryway’ here in Russian Siberia!

Straight ahead as you enter is the kitchen.

A kitchen at-my-disposal.

I have my very own bedroom, all to myself.

Monster, full-King size bed.

Oh My. Who told the Bobbsey’s they could all jump out of their bags?

Beyond the curtains is a small balcony that I show further below.

Sergey (below is his master bedroom) visited friends last night so Deegi and Saina and Cindy could sleep here in his room.

A washing machine, at-my-disposal.

“Yes Cap you sure can do a load of washing.”

Dress shirt. White jogging trousers. Underwear. Nice!

Sure. As long as I am doing a small load, I’ll throw in the wash cloths as well.

“Thanks Dad. We are enjoying the scenery here in Ulan-Ude Russia Dad.”

I have a small balcony outside my room. Hi Cindy.

Now looking out above, I am going to ‘pan to my right’.

Life in an apartment building here in Ulan-Ude in the South and Eastern part of Russian Siberia.


I get to experience it.

Smiles, Cap

6 thoughts on “AUG 3, 17 .. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE .. PART II

  1. Gullible

    AH, Khrushchev apertment blgs! I recognize them all over Asia where the Russian influence permeates.


    1) Why can’t you get a SIM card? Are you having telephone withdrawals? Does Russia not want you calling outside the country?

    2) How are you getting online to post?

    3) Are you thrilled to the skies?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Last first. Yes I am thrilled beyond the skies. I had a Russian Sim Card. I actually called and got Patti. Then.. It’s a long story. No time now to go into it.

      I was taken by my host, my taxi driver host, to two different internet cafes. Can you believe that. My host knows his city.

      Smiles, Cap

  2. patricia boone

    Oh, my … I had not even thought to check for a post until just now, Thursday night August 3 here in Alaska USA. I am astounded that you are on-line. Great, newsy posts. Delightful pictures of Cindy, your adopted granddaughter! Nice to see what Sergey looks like. Am amazed at how large a city Ulan-Ude is. I had it pictured in my mind as a “village”, go figure. Nice room at Sergey’s and nice that he is a cab driver … ergo, knows the city very well. I do not need to ask if you are thrilled to the skies … in your ever-so-brief telephone call when you were “trying” for a sim card, you sounded totally enchanted with this realized dream. Whew, I am so excited for you!!!! Love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Ulan-Ude is huge. A major metropolis for sure. Smiling as I answer this on Ben’s desktop in Sukhbaatar. Love Cap.

  3. zilla

    Friday, August 4, 2017 – 11:30 am
    Hi Cap,
    It’s great you are on line – some magic trick you pulled out of the seat of your pants? Just love your photos of the roads, scenery, buildings, etc, etc, etc! I’m sure you will have some nice stories to tell. Of course, I’m curious to know if you saw many Russian solders and/or was checked (followed) in Russia?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      No sign whatsoever of any military. No one was following me that I am aware of. No magic trick. The magic trick was Deegi fixed me up staying with a taxi cab driver. Smiles Zilla, Cap

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