I am in Sukhbaatar, Northern Mongolia. I was just out walking a long walk trying to get minutes from MobiCom for my cell phone. I was snapping a photo, when a Mongolian friend drove up and said to me..

Well he and I did the sign language thing..

“Cap get in my car and I will show you my business.”

He did and I spied his desktop on his desk..

Баянмөнх, his English name is Ben, can I jump on your  computer?

So here I am.

Can you believe this. I have uploaded some photos. I just happened to have my camera’s USB cable with me.

First a photo of Ben’s business. That is Ben in the lower left corner.

Ben, makes by hand, the most beautiful Reindeer Boots.

A close up photo of Ben.

“Captain Oh Captain! When you are hot! You are hot!”

Can any of you believe this? I am living it and I can’t!

Patti. MobiCom has a real office here. Big time.

It must be a major headquarters for this part of Mongolia.

Being a major headquarters, they are closed on weekends.


That will be that for this amazing opportunity to check-in with all of you.

Much Joy.

Patti, when you read this I will hear you squeal all the way over here in Sukhbaatar, Mongolia.

Signing Off ..


OH BY THE WAY,  I will take a 7:15am train tomorrow morning, August the 7th, returning South to Ulaanbaatar.

2 thoughts on “AUG 6, 17 .. WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW

  1. patricia boone

    SQUEAL !!! … Can you hear me squealing??? Thank you Ben. Where oh where do your angels come from? What a great surprise. The reindeer boots look lovely. Don’t miss your train tomorrow! Love, Patti

  2. cap chastain

    I heard you squeal all the way here in Sukhbaatar. We will go to a meeting here tonight. I do not plan to miss my train in the morning. I have seen two trains leave and I know the drill from past years. Did you like Ben’s singing Unchained Melody. Wow. Much Love. Cap

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