SEP 10, 17 .. IRON MOUNTAIN, MICHIGAN (Birthplace of Gullible’s mother) .. RHINELANDER, WISCONSIN

Our great friend Gullible mentioned in a comment to my September 8th Post..

“Well, I’ll be. My mother was born and raised in Iron Mountain.”




And life goes on.

Today, I took my once-a-month medicine for male osteoporosis. I have to stand and remain vertical for an hour after I take the Risedronate. Plain water only. Totally empty stomach. IF I were to lay down, I may die dead. No stress here. I just walk around for an hour or so and then I remain upright for a second hour. After the first hour I may sit, if I so choose..

Iron Mountain, Michigan

Super ‘8’

Rhinelander, Wisconsin

I was last here in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, during the summer of 1952 with my Dad. All I remember was we could not find a room and we slept in our car and that it was uncomfortable

Below are two maps that show you where Rhinelander, Wisconsin, is located.





The Dinky Diner

I found The Dinky Diner on Trip Advisor and told Patti we must find it and eat there.

A close up photo of the above wall hanging.

The owner (below) welcomed us like long time friends.

It’s a long story but..

When Patti and I walked into the Dinky Diner we were told..

“We are closed.”

I pulled out my Alaska Driver’s License and.. Showing it to the above owner said..

“We drove a long way to get here to your Dinky Diner and now we can’t eat?”

He said..

“We will fire up the grill and cook whatever you want.”

I mean to shout.. They cooked us an absolutely magnificent breakfast.

After visiting Rhinelander, we continued driving East to Iron Mountain, Michigan, where we will remain until Tuesday the 12th of September.

What would all of you do without now knowing where Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and Iron Mountain, Michigan, are located? Aren’t your lives just a tad richer with this knowledge?

And the Dinkey Bird IS singing in the Amfalula Tree.


Patti and Cap

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