I KNOW I am repeating myself !  But here goes !

OH MY IS IT NICE TO BE ‘SETTLED’ here at MOTHERS GUEST HOUSE for a few weeks (minimum) !  I did a full color photo post of MOTHERS GUEST HOUSE at .. bobba caps doxlogy .. in case you have not checked it out !  

In that photo post I did NOT show a photo of a very important feature that MOTHERS GUEST HOUSE offers its residents!  Mothers  Guest House has a ..


The machine plugs into the wall and has lights and whistles and bells that  signify it is working!  It has a twenty (20) liter  capacity reservoir so it always seems to be full and its water is available no matter the time of day.

Here is the deal!  I do NOT drink its filtered water output!  What I DO is I use its water primarily to bathe in!   On my first trip to India in 1990 I got eye infections (that  to this day still periodically bother me!) so for me to have absolutely safe water to wash my face and my body (one tiny scratch anywhere on you body will carry an infection instantly inside  your body) IS VITAL.  I do believe most of the foreign backpackers DRINK this water and quite safely.  I just prefer to drink the bottled water.  The staff at MOTHERS do NOT understand my bringing in bottled water when they see and they know I am using their filtered water.    

Lacking a professional water filtration machine at a guest house .. we travelers simply used Bottled Drinking water.  Local water is simply too  dangerous and this includes  Hong Kong!

In practice  I have three .. two liter capacity each .. bottles of its water on hand at all times.  I ALWAYS  want to have two of the two liter capacity water bottles full so I ‘work’ from the third two liter bottle.  The instant the third bottle is empty .. I refill it and begin using one of the two behind it in the pecking order of usage.  When I have a newly filled two liter bottle .. I add six (6) drops of  Clorox Brand bleach that I have from the United States to FULLY sanitize the water!  Living in remote Alaska has TAUGHT ME WELL how to produce 100% safe water.

It is SO NICE not to have to constantly BE HAULING drinking water in for batheing use!  For one thing the two liter bottles of water are heavy.  

And when I get up in the morning IT IS PURE LUXURY to just splash  around with a basin or two or even three basins of the filtered water as I wash my face and head and freshen up my body in general!  KNOWING!  KNOWING the water is safe!

The things we take for granted home in the United States!

And the above process would NOT BE POSSIBLE IF I was not ‘settled’ in for a few weeks!

Being ‘settled’ in I also have established my morning regimen.  It is so nice to just putter and to fuss around totally relaxed and in no hurry to do anything.  Only now can I realize just how stressed and fatigued I was from the three or so weeks getting here to ‘settle’ in!

Let me call this a ‘wrap’ for today .. Smiles .. Cap ..