MAR 7, 13 .. CHIT CHAT

Here we go with a little Chit – Chat ! I am trying to see IF I can do a writing here on Dot Net that we can all see easily !

Well the Font Arial Black in Font size 16px looks pretty spiffy .. and looks very readable on the post as I just posted it !

OK let me do something ‘real’ here ..

Yesterday here in ‘Pondi’ it was rainy.  My first ever rainy day here in ‘Pondi’ and it ended up being a ‘sweat bath’ .. hot and humid.  But I lived and just put up another Post on Blogspot.  

A few Posts below I talk about the importance of water quality.  I went on to say that even the water that I bathe in MUST be safe water.  To that end,  I have been using the water that MOTHERS Guest House provides in their professional water filtering system and  to their water I add 8 drops of clorox bleach for disinfecting the filtered water.  Then I told you all that I have two, 2 Liter bottles of water ready-at-all-times and use a third, 2 Liter bottle to ‘work from’.  Well me-being-me I have upped the ante to always having 5, 2 Liter bottles of filtered water ready-to-go and am working out of a 6th, 2 Liter bottle!

Now this is not new news to me BUT I had forgotten that the water here feels ‘salty’ to my skin when I use it to bathe.  That includes the filtered water!  It may be pure but it is still ‘salty’!  The ANSWER is simple .. I simply use Bottled Water to rinse with IF I want to feel really clean and refreshed!  And yesterday .. for the first time on this trip .. I had to pull  this Ace-in-the-Hole out of my bag-of-tricks because it was so hot and humid and ‘sticky’ feeling with the rain and heat. My India readers must wonder about my terms .. Ace-in-the-Hole and bag-of-tricks ! .. Smiles .. 

Moving along .. yesterday was also the very first day that I did NOT go down to the beach here in ‘Pondi’ to close-the-day-out.  It was drizzling and wet and just did not work for me.INVITATION 001This is what the beach looks like here.INVITATION 002    The top photo above looks to the South .. the bottom photo above looks to the North.  They were taken late-in-the-day Tuesday evening when the rain that visited us yesterday was on-the-horizon.  So they are ‘dark’ of color.

Just a little Chit-Chat with a photo-or-two tossed in here ..  Smiles .. Cap ..       

Now to see what it looks like in the final form .. smiles .. Hey .. it looks A-OK !