MAR 8, 13 .. CHIT CHAT

Yesterday .. for the first time since this site .. Dot Net .. was established in August of 2011 .. I was able to print in bold fashion and in a larger font size than heretofore had been possible.  

So here-we-go-again .. looking good so far !  Do you agree that it is much more readable in bold and a larger size print ?  I would appreciate any and all feedback !    

In terms of my current plans here they are.  I am now paid in my room here at MOTHERS GUEST HOUSE in Pondicherry through next Thursday March 14th.  I may extend my stay further into March .. and I may not.  Today the sun is blazingly hot and intense and the temperature is in the high 80s F say 88 F.  My room here is NOT air conditioned but so far it has been fine with its overhead fan going strong.  

I have not given any of you an idea of the value of money here.  I went on-line into my bank account and here is what it looks like to this-point-in-time.  I base this on the following five (5) ATM withdrawals.    

India Rupees   U.S. Dollar Cost      

10,000 Rs        $184.14

5,000  Rs           $  92.34

10,000  Rs           $184.48  

10,000  Rs           $186.17    

10,000  Rs           $188.20

——————-           —————–    

45,000  Rs           $835.33

So .. 1 U.S. Dollar =  53.87  India Rupees

In daily usage I figure .. 1 Dollar = 50 Rupees ..  

Or  1 Rupee = 2 Cents ..  

My Room Costs 400 Rupees per night or $8.00 ..  

My Veggie Sandwich with Lemonade costs 80 Rupees or $1.60 ..  

Well I think I will post you all a photo for interest .. maybe two ..

Below is a photo of my BELOVED CHICKEN SANDWICH ON A TOASTED FRENCH BAGUETTE ! If you want a to-die-for sandwich .. here one is let me tell you all !

04 001

And below is a photo of a Traditional South India Thali Lunch plate ..  you have seen photos of this type of lunch in my Agra Cantt photos !  They are really special !

04 002

To-Die-For Good applies to both of the above lunch meals !  

Much Joy .. Cap ..

It looks like I pulled-this-Post-off in good fashion !