CHIT CHAT .. 12 MARCH 2013

I have no problem acknowledging my Mental (BiPolar) health challenges and some of the ramifications thereof.  IF I do NOT work with them .. then I run the high-risk potential of some real big-time trouble!  I will not go further now  since I have done so in MANY past Posts.  

As I go into this Post .. I will get very specific about what I am referring to.  

You all know that I call all of my belongings my BOBBSEYS.  And the mental illness ramification is that these BOBBSEYS become my little friends.  I KNOW .. I UNDERSTAND .. they are not ‘human’.  None-the-less I really get attached to my little in-animate objects.  

Onward we go!  

Below are two photos of a product that they have here in India called Dettol.  Dettol comes in liquid form and as a hand-and-body soap.  Dettol is a strong antiseptic disinfectant and I use it for many things.  In the first photo below I show you the Liquid Dettol.  A large and a small sized bottle.  The large sized bottle is much less expensive per liquid ounce than the small sized bottle.  I buy one small sized bottle (on the right) to use as a ‘dispenser’.  When he is empty I just refill him from the large bottle.

One primary use of the Liquid Dettol is I pour a ‘shot’ of it (say 1/4-cup) from the small bottle into my toilet bowl after every use to keep it fresh and smelling pleasant.  Dettol has a REALLY STRONG antiseptic odor!  I also will add Liquid Dettol to water to make a sanitary solution into which I will dip a cloth and wipe-down surfaces such as my counter tops and even my floor if I spill something on it and want it clean and fresh.   

baba1 001

So far so good EXCEPT my Dettol Liquid Soap began chattering at me saying .. “Dad!  Why aren’t I in any photos Dad?”   I am not positive how many of you (IF any of you!) are having conversations like this with in-animate objects!

Big Sigh from me.  

“OK Liquid Soap!  We will do a photo-shoot of you and the two Liquid Dettol bottles and make you a photo threesome!”  

Dettol also makes a ‘bar’ hand soap.  I MUCH PREFER the liquid hand soap shown in its dispenser you see below.  In fact I carry-with-me at all times a small 2 oz plastic dispenser of the Liquid Hand Soap to have with me.

Here  we go Liquid Dettol Hand Soap .. you are on-camera!

baba1 002   

Here we go with my mental challenges .. read my MOOD!  I had intended to photograph the Large and the Small Liquid Dettol (see the top photo above) together with the Liquid Dettol Soap (see above right) and to capture the three of them in one single photo.  

As I was walking out of my room to go to a location with natural light to do my little photo-shoot of the above three Dettol products .. the small Dettol bottle fell from my hands and smashed into a thousand pieces onto the floor!  

And suddenly I felt .. “How sad little bottle!  We were all happily going to do a photo-shoot and you fell and you died!”  

Friends!  My mental health IS STRONG ENOUGH TO NOT LET THIS SUDDEN MOOD-SWING-DOWN GO ANYWHERE!  I am NOT willing to let this incident .. to the extent I can deal with it successfully .. negatively impact my day or my life!  I just cannot afford to ‘dwell’ on such incidents!  

I called Patti and discussed it with her and told Patti .. “I am going to go to the Internet Cafe and do a Post about this!”  

WHICH I HAD INTENDED TO DO ALL ALONG!  Originally only using the topmost photo of the two Liquid Dettol bottles.  I did tell Patti .. “Little bottle DOES have his photo on my camera so before dying he DID get his picture taken!”  


I will now go up-a-notch for me in disappointment.  

Yesterday .. 100% out-of-nowhere .. my almost new unused Plum Colored Nikon Coolpix camera JUST CEASED TO WORK!  One time it was on and took photos and was fine and the next time it would not open.  Although I knew that it was fully charged .. I plugged it back in .. NOTHING !  I have .. had-it-about-up-to-here! .. with the Nikon Coolpix cameras!  Last summer I did several long Posts about my Silver Colored Coolpix and now this!  

What did I do?  

I got out my three-year-old .. outdated .. 12 megapixel .. ‘back up’ ancient Nikon Coolpix camera that uses ‘AA’ sized flashlight batteries instead of re-chargeable batteries and .. AS THE BAND PLAYED WALTZING MATILDA .. here we are with photos going forward!  

I plan now to find a quality camera store and do two things ..

1. Get their ‘take’ on the Plum Colored Coolpix.  

2. And I am FULLY PREPARED AND FINANCIALLY ABLE TO PURCHASE A NEW CAMERA here in ‘Pondi’ as a ‘back up’ because I may never be back here and I will NOT let this deter me!  


One more ZINGER!  Last Sunday I was out at-the-crack-of-dawn walking by the Bay of Bengal and taking photos.  When I got home a mechanical pencil and small pad of note paper were GONE!  I was missing two of my BOBBSEYS!  

I OWED TO THEM my best efforts to find them!   

I immediately went back to the last place where I had used the mechanical pencil and note pad to make written notes.  I had made some notes about a specific Church .. ‘Kaps’ Church .. see it below in the early morning sun!

BABA4 002   

On the way back to the Church and on the way returning home-to-my-room I looked down on the pavement carefully for the pad and mechanical pencil!  

GONE from-me-forever in this lifetime!  


I had purchased THAT specific mechanical pencil circa mid September 1954 at Ulrich’s Book Store on the campus of the University of Michigan at the corner of South University and East University Avenues!

Isn’t the internet something!  I just ‘googled’ .. University of Michigan Ulrich’s Book Store and it is STILL THERE!    

I had THAT specific mechanical pencil OVER FIFTY NINE (59) YEARS!  

I hope someone found it and will love it and will USE it as I have done.  THAT specific mechanical pencil was in my shirt pocket when I was photographed with Mother Teresa on December 22, 1992!

I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS MIS-HAP to throw-me-off-balance!  




I will leave you on this upbeat-note with a photo of the


BABA4 001

Much Joy from Cap in Pondicherry in Southeast India on the Bay of Bengal!