Before I start here, I spoke with Ginny and she emphatically told me that it is OK with her for me to Post this and further, to use her name.

As you (who are following along here) all know, tomorrow, Monday the 26th of February, at / or about 1:30PM, I will be undergoing an MRI examination of my head / brain. This brain scan is an attempt by my Mayo Clinic doctors to determine why I am having the vertigo attacks I am having and perhaps solve them.

The MRI will be one full hour.

IF you have experienced a one hour MRI you know what to expect.

IF you have not experienced one, you are probably thinking ( quietly ) to yourself, “I sure am happy that I am not going to do this.”

I myself HAVE experienced a one-half-hour / 30-minute MRI, as recently as two weeks ago on Valentine’s day the 14th. I am thinking to myself that I wish I wasn’t going to spend my afternoon tomorrow doing this, let alone a one-full-hour MRI which will be a new-to-me life experience.

Do you all / do any of you, know that not every human being can tolerate / successfully do this MRI examination business.

Well ..

Out of the blue ..

This morning I received the below text message from our (Patti and my) good friend Ginny.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I know an hour long MRI is a long one. I can relate to all the hour long MRIs from my back and watching my dear late husband and my girlfriend Sherry. Most important is that you get good results, that is what I’ll be praying for! I always close my eyes the whole time and sing a song in my head. Somehow it helps a little. Love, hugs and smiles. Ginny

Her text message continued

I’m sorry you’re having to do all this, but at least you’re in a great place the Mayo Clinic and in the U.S.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now for some important background information. You all know I am basically a manic person. Well so too is Ginny.

An unprepared manic mind is not equipped to spend an hour rather tightly confined inside of a tube.


What do do?

Prepare the manic mind with a plan.

A plan?

Yes a plan to entertain the manic mind during the process.

Ginny, I have got-to-tell-you that your text message really helped me out a lot. For one thing, I did not know of your own very personal MRI experiences. For another thing, I myself have found that (one part of my plan) I too keep my eyes closed the entire time  so I KNOW you KNOW your stuff.

I myself do not sing to myself. Another part of my self-entertainment plan : I count the number of repetitions for each of the MRI machine generated sounds. And the number of cycles for each sound. Each sound is the generation of a different magnetic resonance to excite the atoms in a human organ or part of one thereof.

The point being, occupying my mind this way is how I will entertain my manic mind  during the procedure. I also have a plan for when the automated voice tells me to breathe deeply, let it out, and then hold it, don’t-move.

I breathe deeply, I let it out, then I take a very short in-breath and then hold perfectly still. I also then count the number of seconds until the automated voice instructs me .. relax (which means breathe again).

I feel that IF I don’t have a plan to entertain my own manic mind  I risk having my manic mind run amok in the MRI chamber.

YES .. I .. KNOW .. I .. WILL .. PULL .. THIS .. OFF


Way deep down within myself, I want to do this to see IF we can find out what’s going on with this vertigo.

Again Ginny, thanks for you and for Tom Tiger and all of you out there rooting-me-on.

Cap and Patti .. Who will be with me in spirit / and also with me in the waiting room outside and thinking ( quietly ) to herself : “I’m glad I am not doing this.”

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