Done Deal !

I have booked and I have PAID my fare to go by night bus from Pondicherry to Kodaikanal leaving ‘Pondi’ at 11PM next Thursday 21 March arriving into ‘Kodai’ about 8AM Friday 22 March.

And I have booked and I have PAID my fare to go from Kodaikanal to Chennai leaving ‘Kodai’ at 6:30PM on Wednesday 3 April arriving into Chennai Thursday morning 4 April around 9AM.

I finalized these details last night at PARVEEN TRAVEL.

BABA2 002

I plan to open up a new web page here just dealing with my travel itineraries so you can quickly go to one page with one mouse-click and see the details of my plans.

So I will be in ‘Pondi’ for one more full week!

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Recently I went-into the fact that MOTHERS Guest House has an extremely good looking professional water filtration unit.



Below is an overview of the system.  At the top is the unit and below is the reservoir.

WATER1 002

Below is a close-up photo of the filtration unit.

WATER1 001

And lastly .. below is a close-up of the 20 Liter reservoir.

WATER1 003

When I discussed this water purification system here at MOTHERS Guest House I mentioned that to each Liter of filtered water I add four (4) drops of Clorox bleach which translates roughly to sixteen (16) drops per U.S. gallon.

A water filtration unit will remove cysts such as giardia and other bacteria BUT IT WILL NOT remove or eliminate a virus!  So the Clorox ‘treats’ the filtered water and will kill disease causing agents that the water filtration unit will not remove!

It is critical .. it is vital .. to understand this fact.  Iodine is also used to ‘treat’ filtered water.

I really enjoy having a good supply of my ‘filtered and treated’ water. I use it plentifully and feel very safe in so doing.

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This is a little giggle!  I did a major laundry this morning .. read: I washed my blue jeans!

I have been meaning to tell you the following story on-myself.

I purchase my TIDE laundry detergent in small packets that cost 1 Rs each (half a cent per full wash).

WATER1 004

I do NOT like ‘scented’ laundry detergent.  In the U.S. I purchase only un-scented detergent.

The other day I had to buy a new supply and when I got to the shop that sells it I showed the owner what I wanted.  It is so much easier to just SHOW someone here what you want (IF you can) than explain to them .. “I want five mini-packets of Tide laundry detergent.”

He nodded and returned with a string of five packets.

I looked at them and not rudely but rather STRONGLY I STATED!  “These are ‘Jasmine Rose’ scented and I want PLAIN UN-SCENTED!”

He smiled and said .. “Sir!  Please show me the packet you brought in with you!”

Dutifully I did this handing him MY empty packet!

He pointed to MY packet that was oh-so-very-plainly marked .. ‘Jasmine Rose’!

“Good Grief Captain!  This scented Tide is what you have been using!” .. “For YEARS?” ..

I smiled and left.

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I will sign off leaving you with a photo of

THE AAYI MANDAPAM at Bharathi Park.

GOVT1 001

Today I put up an extensive set of photos of the park at my Blogspot web site ..

Much Joy !  Cap ..