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This One’s For You ‘Zilla.

May this Post serve to bring back some happy memories of all of the games you have attended here at the Citizens Business Bank Arena.

Last night, complements of ‘Zilla, the two of us met at the Citizens Business Bank Arena, in Ontario, California, to watch the San Diego Gulls and the Ontario Reign ‘fight-it-out’ for a berth in the American Hockey League playoffs. ‘Zilla is a season-ticket-holder and a member of the exclusive San Manuel Club located within the arena.

To get to the game (left red balloon ), I drove 91-miles in Friday afternoon traffic from Indio (right red balloon ) to the arena. It took me about 2-1/2-hours and I was lucky to make it in that time. The 91-mile drive back to Indio took about 1-3/4-hours with traffic ‘moving-at-the-limit’.



The below two maps show a closeup view of the location of the arena.





Below are some photos that I snapped at the venue.

The arena has three entrances. The Main Entrance (on the Southeast corner of the arena), the Northeast and the Northwest entrances

We will begin with a look at the Main Entrance to the arena.

It is really a very attractive arena.

Close up views of the Main Entrance.

A look back at the Main Entrance shown above.

A look at the nicely landscaped East side of the arena.

Now we walk down the sidewalk on the right edge of the above photo and have a look at the Northeast Entrance.

At the extreme left side of the above photo is the ticket office you see below.

Now we go to the Northwest entrance. This is the smallest entrance of the three and the one used by members of the San Manuel Club.

The non-season-ticket holders use the above entrance. The season-ticket-holders use the below San Manuel Club entrance. ‘Zilla seemed to be on a first-name basis with all of the security personel at this entrance.

A look at one of the parking lots adjoining the arena.

The very pleasant outdoor seating area of the San Manuel Club.

I found it interesting that no one was sitting outdoors in the lovely area above and below.

Time now to enter the San Manuel Club and the arena proper.

Hail! Hail! The Gang’s All Here! In the San Manuel Club.

The Club is packed and the crowd is ‘rocking’.

A photo of the club from the arena common area.

Game Time.

Now some game-photos. We had great, center-ice, seats.

Four photos of center-ice face-offs used to start the game, to begin each period, or after a goal has been scored.

Some game photos.

Before the game, and between each of the three, 20-minute, periods of the game, the fans have a wide selection of food and beverages available to them.

Back we now go to the game.

And then the game was over.

The Home Team Ontario Reign won the game 3 goals to 2 and earned themselves a position in the American Hockey League playoffs.

Jonny Brodzinski was one of the players-of-the-game.

The Ontario Reign now are in the 2018 American Hockey League Calder Cup Playoffs.

And so the-time-has-come to sign off.

‘Zilla .. Thanks for yet more enjoyable memories of your Ontario Reign hockey games. This makes the fourth game we (you and I and yes Patti too) have attended together.

Over And Out ..



  1. tom

    Nice to know there are enough hockey fans in Southern CA to have a league and very nice arena.The minor-league players busting their necks to make the NHL make for some exciting games.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Amazing huh Tom? The arena was pretty well filled up so yes indeed, Southern California seems to be able to support both the former Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings as well as the Ontario Reign. San Diego also supports the San Diego Gulls. Thanks for reading along here Tom. Cap

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